Friday, October 16, 2009

First Snow 

snapshot: 3:00 am, October 16, 2009.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SBL Fungi Foto Fun! 

By popular demand.

Please contribute any fungi poetry or songs about fungi that you have either written yourself, or have passed down through your family for generations, to the comment section below.

It's fungi fun night at the SBL. Free fungi slurpees for the first 100 callers!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Infant Colic Hothouse Orchids of the Intertoobzs! 

I didn't write anything to go with this blog post because I'm far too busy not giving a shit about writing anything having to do with this blog post title.

However, for what it's worth:

1] I don't eat Cheetos (actually, I don't eat any snack foods at all but sometimes I will eat deli meat or leftover pizza or pimento stuffed spanish olives straight from the jar at strange hours).

2] I don't wear pajamas (which are for creative class pussies and mooslims and snooty British jim-jammie outfitters.)

3] I always wear extreme weather BaseMap 3.0 under armour and a pair of 18" comfort trac scent free rubber boots. When I sleep. Or, a Grand River Lodge cuddle wrap. Except in the summer, when I sleep in the naked except for the scent free trac boots and a CAR-15 assault rifle which I cling to in the event Caroline Kennedy trys to break into my house at 4am to try to steal my collection of JFK half dollars.

4] Sometimes, in the winter, when things are their darkest just after dawn, I will jump out of bed and throw up the sash and open up on the woodpeckers in the stand of Harwood outside my bunkhouse if I believe they are making fun of my PJs (which I dont even wear or even have in the first place). Nevertheless: Take that you peckerneck suet stained BB brained cosmoplitians! Eat 223! I yell, until all hell breaks loose.

There is nothing wrong with me. Stop saying there is. I am perfectly unhappy.


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