Saturday, May 02, 2009

SBL Doom Studio 

open thread of doom.

catering to most varieties of doom: (doom and gloom - doomsayer fume - doomsday kaboom - doom in the afternoon - goodnight doom - algae bloom... etc.)

Proceed to the smoke filled room.


Friday, May 01, 2009

twittering dead or alive 

Loose Lucy is my delight, she come runnin' and we ball all night, round and round and round and round... don't take much to get me on the ground.

She's my yo-yo, I'm her string, listen to the birds on the hot wire sing,


For the record: I don't have a Twitter feed.

This > http://twitter.com/thefarmer - is not me (because I don't have a twitter feed). Also too: this here > http://twitter.com/corrente - is not a twitter feed related to this blog. Rather, it appears to belong to someone named Tony. Someone named Tony Corrente would be my guess.

Here are a few Twitter feeds that appear to belong to famous celebrity bloggers you'll recognize:

Atrios: http://twitter.com/Atrios
Some guy who lives in Philadelphia and likes to play with model supertrains.

Tbogg: http://twitter.com/tbogg
Some funny guy and his girlfriend who live with their adhorable dogs in one of Jane Hamsher's gated community pool house time shares in Southern California.

Josh Marshall: http://twitter.com/joshtpm
The source for almost everything you will hear reported on MSNBC between 8pm and 10pm (Monday tru Friday).

Markos Moulitsas (Kos): http://twitter.com/markosm
Some guy from northern California who is kinda like the William Randolph Hearst of liberal blogging. Except (as far as I know) he isn't married to a chorus girl.

and so on and so on etc. etc...

These appear to be the real thing as far as I can tell and you can follow along if you like. Eespecially since these people rarely contribute anything to the comment threads at their own blogs (apparently that would be beneath their station). Whatever their station may be.

So, if you enjoy horn honking traffic noise or the ebullient ferment of incessant bubbling babble (if you enjoy speaking in announcements) you can step out on the talkative town with the Twitter Set too. All the beautiful people will be there.

Even Jesus Christ. See: http://twitter.com/jesuschrist

I guess if I want to join the Twitterati I will need to invent a Twitterpseud for myself. I wonder if Hoot Smalley is taken?


Oh yeah, nevermind (And NO, I did not register the name Hoot Smalley with Twitter).

And he has a Twitter account to prove it (and a lot of followers too). http://twitter.com/franciscofranco (I'll bet he's a follower of Jesus Christ).

But he refuses to speak English which I think should be illegal on the intertoobs because he might be talking about Tom Tancredo behind his back. You can alert Tom here: http://twitter.com/tomtancredo

Adolph Hitler has a Twitter account too (BTW: he's still living in Argentina). You can exchange customized personal announcements with Adolph Hitler here: http://twitter.com/adolphhitler

Hey, even "the twit" has a Twitter account! And the twit (according to the actual "twit") went skiing in Lake Tahoe over the weekend. Because that's what "the twit" does on the weekend. - http://twitter.com/thetwit

Aren't you glad you know that?

I sure am.

@adolphhitler no, I am not sure where Otto Skorzeny is living these days, but maybe he's skiing in Tahoe this weekend with francisco franco and tony salazar and augusto pinochet. why don't you ask the twit, he might know.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Haywire Sale! 

Yesterday, April 27, was a beoootiful July day.

Today, April 28, will be Elastic. Elastic Fantastic, with a 30% chance of Fear, and a lingering threat of Doom in the late afternoon.


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