Saturday, January 12, 2008

Afire in the hole! 

Fred Thompson found! Speaks to media from geographic location in South Carolina:

[I] "know where I stand and what I believe, and they'll know that where I stand on the issues does not depend on where I'm standing geographically, that what they see is what they get, and I'm the man I've always been and that's the way I'll be tomorrow."

Leave no old dried up well-hole behind! (Could someone please lower a cheese sandwich and a glass of orange flavored fiber laxative down here. Thank you, I'm Fred Thompson and I approved this request.)


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Staybehinder Election Night Afterhours Lounge 

Chris "ManSmell (MSNBC)" Matthews... gits his withering nutsack handed to him in a New Hampshire handbasket.


Digby (Hullabaloo):
Ain't No Hollaback Girl

It's going to be a rough and tumble campaign and we'll all have to stay mad each other for a while, but it's good for Democrats to play hard in the playoffs in preparation for the series. They need to be tested and vetted beyond Iowa and New Hampshire. And hey, people like me might even have our primary votes matter this time out!

And nothing could be more satisfying than to see the media and the polls shown to be so off and the voters assert themselves to prove them wrong. All the sickening media sexism we saw over the past couple of days didn't work and all liberals of good conscience should be relieved by that.


I Fucking Love Rachel Maddow

The voters may well have said "Shut the hell up and stop stampeding this process." I hope that Iowa and New Hampshire now cancel each other out, and that we move into the other states tuning out the superficialities and focused on the actual issues that ought to matter.


Rachel Maddow just relayed to Chris Matthews' face that many in the blogosphere (she cited Talking Points Memo specifically) are blaming HIM and his misogyny as the reason undecideds broke late for Clinton. Matthews laughed it off, but there was some real bitterness there.

This is glorious. If the media can understand that their catty, elitist, high school Heathers-like mentality will ultimately backfire, maybe they'll shut their mouths for a second and rethink their job description.

Digby/Maddow, 2012!

(in the meanwhile: Edwards/Edwards, 2008)


Update (5:30 AM): the cable newz remoras are already at it: Hillary Clinton wins, "how did she do it?!" As if it were some kind of mysterious parlor trick. Clue to the morning powderpuffs (John Roberts and Kiran Chetry) at CNN (the Courtesan News Network)... she didn't do it... it was done to her. People voted for her, ok? That's how it becomes dooed. Go figger.


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