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Happy New Year 

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SBL open pie thread 

There is all kinds of pie. People everywhere like pie. There is all kinds of people who like all kinds of pie.

This is a picture of a cow pie. It's not what I had in mind but if you feed it to your pumpkins for instance (they love the shit) they will grow big and strong and you can harvest them just after the first frost in the autumn and make them into the kind of pies I did have in mind.



Who will get Hillary Clinton's senate seat part 2 

Back on the 7th of December I indicated my preference for NY House Rep John Hall (D - NY 19th congessional district) to replace Hillary Clinton in the senate. See: Who will get Hillary Clinton's NY senate seat? (Dec 07, 2008).

I still think John Hall would be a good choice. However, I also think Caroline Kennedy would be a good choice. And after reading some of the interviews with her recently I am confident that my choice of thinking in this regard is a good choice too, also. And aside from a good deal of howling and frightful sweaty tales of torments involving the dark plots of nepotistic aristocrats and wily patricians pursuing golden rings while hurdling ass backwards through shadowy corridors of power, and so on and so forth, I still think she would be a good choice. Despite the venting from the steam pipes of the hissing intertoobs, I really don't think Caroline Kennedy's appointment to the NY senate seat is all that much of a big fucking deal. Because I actually think she might be a pretty good senator for NY.

Al Giordano at The Field covers the latest round of Six Major Interviews with Caroline Kennedy including the frequent complaint that CK is beholden to some kind of Bloomberg/Lieberman covenant:
Related is the accusation, first made by blogger Jane Hamsher, that because the Knickerbocker SDK consulting firm had been contracted by Senator Lieberman in 2006 and also works for Bloomberg that it says anything about Kennedy (who donated to Lieberman's opponent, Ned Lamont, that year).

Anybody who makes that accusation must also, if intellectually honest, likewise condemn Knickerbocker SDK's other paying clients, which have included two other aspirants to the senate seat - US Rep. Caroline Maloney and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown - as well as the Howard Dean-launched Democracy for America, Jobs With Justice, the SEIU, AFSCME, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, Al Sharpton, NARAL Pro-Choice of New York and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The selective indignation is foolish: If they're going to disqualify Kennedy over that, they've got to also make enemies out of all those people and organizations, too. That seems a high price to pay in exchange for ineffective bashing rights against Kennedy based on a specious argument.

From NY Post interview with Maggie Haberman (see: Giordano/Field link above)
* She voted for Democrat Fernando Ferrer over Bloomberg in the 2005 mayoral race.

Read the whole Giordano post - includes excerpts from recent NY Times interview with CK.

More on CK from The Field, Populist Case for Caroline Kennedy.

And then there is Harriet P. Christian (the P is for PUMA?) who has been announced as a possible appointment to the NY senate seat as well. Her online press spokesperson - who answers to the name of taggles - informs us:
GOV. PATERSON - APPOINT HARRIET CHRISTIAN - US SENATOR - NY Harriet Christian has tossed her hat into the ring for consideration by Governor David Paterson for US Senator of New York.

When someone calling themselves "taggles" begins issuing press releases on behalf of "political office in this country" it's time to sit up and listen.

And who can forget the stirring words of Will Bower recalling the moment Harriet first appeared amongst us in all her harried glory:
I saw the cameras swarm in on our Harriet. I decided to stay and watch her in her glory. [...] Did I think that she could have been more coherent at first? Yes, I did. Did I feel that she was flirting with the edge of reason? Yes, I did. Would I have had her change a thing? No, I wouldn't. [...] I hope you will all take the time to get to know Harriet as I have. Harriet is salty. Harriet is a firecracker. Harriet is many things. But Harriet is not a lunatic. ~ My Evening With Harriet Christian

taggles also fills us in on Harriet's qualifications for office with this revealing side by side comparison chart which pits Harriet womano y womano with Caroline Kennedy. Go: "Meet with Harriet Christian".

Although Harriet "Lives Amongst the Commoners" she has - as of this posting, as far as I can tell - yet to make a live appearance amongst the adoring commenting commoner constituents at Harriet Christian dot net. Likewise, aside from her celebrated fearlessness in the line of media swarms ("Afraid of the Media – No") I haven't been able to locate a single instance of Harriet granting any media interviews or issuing any kind of statement of her own in regard to her recent candidacy. I'm sure press attache taggles will be addressing this oversight shortly. Perhaps we will find the patriot Harriet at the prow of a great tug boat steaming up the Hudson in winter to present her curriculum vitae to Governor Paterson. Assuming she isn't too busy living and working amongst the commoners of the beaver-pelt tanning mills along the St. Lawrence River. The people wait for word from Harriet.

Here are some more Harriet Christian video selections if you are interested in this sort of slow motion ski jump accident thing (for lack of a better analogy).

Some other stuff to read:

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