Saturday, July 04, 2009

Flight of the Loon -or- Thwack of the Beaver Tail! 

Sarah Palin's cut-n-run ski-doodle.

Lake Lucille Nesting Grounds, Wasilla, Alaska: Brandishing an itchy Trig scold-finger and her usual penchant for loon whistling Governor Sarah "Loon of the Midnight Sun" Palin announced she will be abandoning her command perch and striking out for the wild blue yonder in search of unconventional flyways and sports metaphor victory speaker fee gold. In the immortal words of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, "Damn the headwinds! Full-court press ahead!"

Wingnut honking points:
All loons are decent fliers, though the larger species have some difficulty taking off and thus must swim into the wind to pick up enough velocity to become airborne. [...] Once airborne, their considerable stamina allows them to migrate long distances.... [wiki]

To the Appalachian Trail!

Migration pattern of the South Carolina Sanford Loon.

The Loon:


The Nest That "Buddies" Built: Village Voice, August 2008.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dig You Some Electric Dirt 

Levon Helm Band performing Deep Ellum Blues (Turin, NY, August 2008):

Levon Helm.com audio and video page: includes Electric Dirt, Midnight Ramble Sessions, and more.


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