Friday, November 06, 2009

Sparking Trail 

Appalachian Trail Spooners Incur Sparking Probe

Associated Press:
high court says gov's ethics probe is public

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that an ethics investigation into Gov. Mark Sanford's travel must be made public, clearing the way for lawmakers considering impeachment to review a report on the probe.

Sanford's lawyers had tried keep a report on a criminal investigation by the State Ethics Commission from being released to the House of Representatives as leaders there decide whether to move forward with impeachment efforts.

The commission's investigation was launched after Sanford returned from a five-day rendezvous with an Argentine lover in June that prompted investigations by The Associated Press into his travel practices.

Like hard luck and the itch, automobile spooners know neither the hour of the night nor the change of the seasons. The other night a party of determined sparkers was dislodged from a private lane in this vicinity. They blocked the road and seemed oblivious to the fact that the owner of the road wanted the right of way. It was cold. Certainly an automobile was not the most comfortable place in the world for a petting party but that cut no figure with the occupants of the car, who were making nuisances of themselves. ~ (Altoona Mirror, 1929)


Francisco Franco Just Won't Die 

Via Booman Tribune:
The abortion compromise was turning into a contest of wills, with the U.S. Conference of Bishops on one side and Pelosi, a devout Catholic and a supporter of abortion rights, on the other.

[Rep. Brad] Ellsworth said at least three Democratic abortion-rights opponents have agreed to support his language, but many others won’t because the bishops don’t support it.

“Other members felt like they needed the … blessing of the Catholic bishops,” Ellsworth said.

Attention Brad Ellsworth (D-Papal Infallibility) and "other members". This ain't Francisco Franco's Carlist/Opus Dei Catholic Theocracy. You don't "need" the "blessing" of Catholic Bishops to support anything (not yet anyway). Despite the putrescent lustings and aspirations of energumens like Pat Buchanan and William Donohue and Rick Santorum and Richard John Neuhaus and so on. (And that goes for Mr. True Progressive Purity League feather flouncer Dennis Kucinich too.)


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Somewhere in the North Country a loon is looking for another small fish to fry. 

The bus back to Waco leaves in the morning.

In NY-23, Teabagger trainee Doug Hoffman gets swatted away by Democrat Bill Owens, the first Democrat to represent the 23rd district of NY since Nehemiah Birdseye Peltsselaer won the seat by defeating the bastard son of the Duchess of Cleveland during an adirondack chair throwing competition at Great Sacandaga Lake in the year of our Lord 1823.

It's Palin's fault. Had Madame Moosefoot of the Starburst Nation swooped down - rogue booties on the ground - and draped her photogenic lovliness over an ATV wearing nothing but a pair of chestnut colored shearling boots and a pine cone wreath... things would have been different. As it turned out, Doug Hoffman - a man who resembles a magnification of the kinds of things you'll find flying around a lantern on a picnic table at night (at the Glenn Beck Campground of Foredoom) - goes down in a mist of citronella oil.


In Virginia, Blue Dog conservadem creature Creigh Deeds (inspiring Dem voters to stay at home practicing family values) gets pounded by Pat Robertson's pet wallet-dog, Republican Bob McDonnell. Demonstrating once again why Blue Dog poodles amount to little more than chew toys for Republican party lapdogs.

In New Jersey, John Corzine gets rubbed out by Bush/Rove crime family capo Chris "Snack Fairy" "no-bid contract" Christie.
Mr. Palatucci introduced his partner to the Bush family when he was working on George H.W. Bush's 1992 re-election campaign. Mr. Christie befriended the president's son, George W. Bush, and signed on early for the younger Mr. Bush's presidential bid, serving as legal counsel to the campaign in New Jersey. Although the Republicans were trounced in the state, Mr. Christie was nonetheless selected to become United States attorney for New Jersey.


Unlike some United States attorneys who prefer to cultivate an apolitical image, Mr. Christie remains a die-hard Bush supporter, with photographs of the president prominently placed in his office. One shot from the Texas governor’s mansion shows Mr. Christie with Mr. Bush in front of a painting of the last stand at the Alamo. Mr. Christie noted that the photo was taken by Mr. Bush’s omnipresent political adviser, Karl Rove. (NY Times

New Jersey, the Big Pharma State. Take two idiots and elect one of them governor in the morning.

And, In the Poppy Bush state, the cowards entertain themselves by throwing rotten potatoes at their neighbors:
With 87 percent of precincts reporting, gay-marriage foes had 53 percent of the vote in a referendum that asked Maine voters whether they wanted to repeal a law allowing same-sex marriage that had passed the Legislature and was signed by Democratic Gov. John Baldacci.

Hey Mainers, print this on your license plates: Descriminationland.


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