Tuesday, December 05, 2006

run out the clock... 

on 2006


Sunday, December 03, 2006

knick-knacks and party snacks 

From Harper's Index/October 2006:

4 Minimum amount of USDA farm subsidies since 2000 that have been paid out to people who do not farm: $1,300,000,000 [Washington Post (Washington)]

4 Minimum value of “small business” contracts given out by the U.S. last year that went to Fortune 500 firms: $1,200,000,000 [Eagle Eye Publishers, Inc. (Fairfax, Va.)]

4 Average salary package last year among all full-time employees of Goldman Sachs, including support staff: $521,000 [Goldman, Sachs & Co. (N.Y.C.)]

4 Percentage of volunteers in a four-year psychedelic-mushroom study who said they experienced “strong or extreme fear”: 31 [Roland Griffiths, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Baltimore)]

4 Percentage who described the experience as “among the five most meaningful” in their lives: 67 [Roland Griffiths, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Baltimore)]

Not from the Harper's Index:

Asking price on for a vintage 1938 Gibson Advanced Jumbo acoustic guitar: $49,995.00 [ebay (the internets)]

If you work for Goldman Sachs you can hide your mushrooms inside of it.


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