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Bitter Staybehinder Open Thread 

Roll up your sleeves and yell like hell.


LATEST: Hillary Clinton Incident Report 

"Screw Em - I don't owe them a thing"

Suspect hurls charges and empty Crown Royal bottle at Move On workers.
additional details / TPM

INCIDENT TYPE: Domestic disturbance
TYPE OF PREMISE: Campaign trail.
WEAPON OBJECT USED: Empty Crown Royal bottle. Kitchen sink.
ARSON RELATED: Investigation ongoing

NAME: Hillary Rodham Clinton
SUSPECT STATUS: Presidential candidate
RACE: Crazy white lady
AGE: 61
SCARS/TATTOOS: phrase "Born to Run" across back of neck.

NAME: Move On dot Org
RACE: Mixed
OCCUPATION: Vast Left Wing Conspirator


Responding to early morning hour of 4/18/08 reports of a middle aged woman in center of road causing loud disturbance. Known suspect was visibly agitated and weilding an empty Crown Royal bottle while complaining loudly of what she described as a vast left wing conspiracy of moving company employees and volunteers. Suspect was visibly upset and was reported as exclaiming "scew them, I don't owe them a thing" and "what have they ever done for me!"

Suspect was clearly intoxicated and presented a potential danger to herself and those around her.

A cracked porcelin kitchen sink with visible blood stains in the sink and on surface of the sink was observable at the scene. Origins of blood on and in the sink were subsequently identified as belonging to a neighbor involved in earlier confrontations with suspect and not directly related to latest incident.

Suspect was visibly agitated and likely under the influence of unidentified controlled substances and behaving eratically while talking loudly of a vast left wing conspiracy of moving company employees who she accused of not only intimidating and dominating gatherings organized on her behalf but of also refusing to properly attend her sedan chair while she was seated in it. She also accused the moving company employees of refusing to assist her in removing an Afghan from a white Toyota pickup truck belonging to what is described as a gang of dangerous religious fanatics. Moving company officials denied refusing to support the removal of the Afghan from the vehicle belonging to dangerous religious fanatics. Other witnesses and volunteers on the scene at the time of incident support the claims of the moving company officials.

Suspect also complained loudly of moving company employees and volunteers efforts to assist neighbor involved in previous confrontational incidents with suspect.

Suspect has in the past also claimed responsibility for the employ of 200,000 workers in upstate New York. At this time none of those alleged employees could be located.

Suspect has in the past been held partially responsible for participation in an earlier home invasion of an Iraqi family who was alleged - by suspect and others - to have been invloved in illegal weapons and explosives and biological agents manufacture and use. The Iraqi home in question was utimately destroyed and numerous fatalities were resulting. As a result of intensive investigation by law enforcement and and independent investigators no illegal weapons and explosives and biological agents were discovered in the Iraqi home. Still, suspect has not been charged with any serious offense for role in home invasion. Despite suspects refusal to admit any wrongdoing in participation of home invasion at the time suspect has nonetheless expressed some remorse at her actions and, as a result, a willingness to testify against others who were also involved in the home invasion. Others remain troubled or unconvined by suspects claim of remorse or her pledge to make compensation for her previous actions noting that suspect still refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing on her own part.

Suspect becomes notably defensive and combative when confronted with role in earlier home invasion scheme and her frequent attempts to shift some blame for her own role in the home invasion action onto associates and neighbors has created friction and suspicion among neighbors and those close to the investigation. Recent eyewitness interviews - in numerous statements to investigators - have related increasing frustrations and suspicions and concerns with suspect's new claims of massive retaliation against detractors. As well as suspect's continued eratic beahvior with respect to ongoing disputes with neighbor.

Earlier calls to location in response to eratic behavior by suspect resulted not only in observable distress on the part of suspect but accusations from witnesses that suspect had assaulted African American-like neighbor with kitchen sink. (See statements and incidents of moving company support for neighbor involved in previous confrontational incidents with suspect.) Person involved with earlier kitchen sink assault has been reluctant to thouroughly pursue charges against suspect at this point despite potential measurable injury to that person. Person has described attacker (suspect) as upset and bitter and prone to clinging to kitchen sinks and empty bottles of Crown Royal in an attempt to rectify her demons. No serious charges against suspect have been filed by person involved with earlier incidents at this time.

Suspect's husband has been observed on several recent occasions positioned on stump in front of suspect's current residence/location and loudly exclaiming to observers (according to witnesses present) that suspect (wife) frequently does not get enough sleep during the course of a given night and as a result of exhaustion has on occasion demonstrated a tendency to speak peculiar things... including concocting wild stories about being shot at by Serbian assassins in airports*.

*Subsequent investigations and efforts to verify charges of Serbian "sniper" assassination attempts - as described by suspect previously - have since proven to be false or of highly exaggerated nature.

Suspect has not been arrested. Suspect has been released without further action pending ongoing investigation. Suspect has requested her kitchen sink be returned and told investigators that any blood evidence found on sink belongs to her own "decades of sacrifice to the American people" and is not the trace remains of what suspect described to investigators as the "fluid footprint of a trashy slut with big hair" who investigators say mysteriously vanished from a trailer park in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1988.

END. Current incident report / investigation ongoing.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fabulous Questions for John McCain 

What?!! Michael Dukakis was hiding out in a flag factory?

No Whining About the Media
April 16, 2008, 10:46 pm
By David Brooks

Three quick points on the Democratic debate tonight:
First, Democrats, and especially Obama supporters, are going to jump all over ABC for the choice of topics: too many gaffe questions, not enough policy questions.

I understand the complaints, but I thought the questions were excellent. The journalist’s job is to make politicians uncomfortable, to explore evasions, contradictions and vulnerabilities. Almost every question tonight did that. The candidates each looked foolish at times, but that’s their own fault.
We may not like it, but issues like Jeremiah Wright, flag lapels and the Tuzla airport will be important in the fall. Remember how George H.W. Bush toured flag factories to expose Michael Dukakis. It’s legitimate to see how the candidates will respond to these sorts of symbolic issues.

David Brooks is a runny nosed twit. Nevertheless, in an effort to explore "evasions, contradictions and vulnerabilities" I have prepared the following very serious questions for John McCain.

Questions for John McCain:

s Senator McCain, your wife has a history of stealing dangerous drugs to support a drug addiction, and now we hear that she may have allowed a member of your campaign to steal an assorment of recipes from the Food Network and credit those recipes to your wife. Can you quarantee the American people that your wife and her friends won't steal anything from the White House or even steal recipes or medication or jewelry from the wives of leaders of other countries during state visits to those foreign countries?

s Senator McCain, will you take a pledge not to increase taxes on middle class small business people struggling to get by on the uncertain week to week income of a hedge fund assets manager or telecommunications lobbyist?

s Senator McCain, your critics have pointed out in the past that you yourself have not always worn a flag lapel pin when appearing in public. For instance, you were not wearing a flag lapel pin when you shook hands with President Bush at the White House on March 5, 2008. Do you think that it is petty and unpatriotic for your critics to continue to hold a hero and patriot such as yourself accountable for such a minor stylistic oversight. And what do you think should be done about those who continue to attack your loyalty to this country?

s Senator McCain, the Keating Five scandal received a lot of attention many years ago. You yourself were implicated in that scandal when it was learned that you accepted $112,000 dollars in campaign contributions from Keating and his family as well a as several all expense paid trips to the Bahamas for you and your family. In light of the recent foreclosure crisis, and revelations that Hillary and Bill Clinton made an astounding $110 million dollars last year, and Barack Obama was photographed in muslim tribal costume while vacationing in a suspicious country most Americans would never visit, doesn't the Keating flap almost seem quaint and silly to you today?

s Senator McCain, are you "bitter"?

s Seanator McCain, recently you referred to al-Qaeda as a Shiite organization supported by Iran. Your friend and campaign supporter Senator Joe Lieberman stepped up to remind you of what you had actually intended to say in the first place. Is Senator Lieberman as much fun to travel with as he seems to be and how much time do you and Senator Lieberman spend together watching sports on TV?

s Senator McCain, recently, contoversy was raised with respect to the comments of Barack Obama's pastor Jerimiah Wright which many perceived as anti-American. You yourself have accepted the endorsement of John Hagee, the pastor of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio Texas, who in the past has made some controversial statements about the Catholic Church including referring to the Catholic Church as "A Godless theology of hate that no one dared try to stop for a thousand years produced a harvest of hate." - Given the current Popes recent visit to the United States would you, if elected President, invite pastor Hagee and the Pope to the White House to eat BBQ baby back ribs and attend a casual outdoor picnic together?

s Senator McCain, some conservatives claim that you are not conservative enough. That you may in fact be too liberal to gain the support of true conservative voters who saw Ronald Reagan as the standard bearer of conservatism. How do you respond to conservative critics who would like to know if you and your wife Cindy have any plans to have a black baby in the future. And, if so, how do you think your role as new daddy and new president might impact your ability to serve the needs of the entire nation if you are elected.

s Senator McCain, hypotheticaly speaking, if you were touring a flag factory and you discovered Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Hugo Chavez hiding in that flag factory, naked, feeding boxes of American flags in to an incinerator at that factory, how would you deal with that situation, how would you reassure the American people that the American flag would not be desecrated and would always be secure from future terroristic attacks.

s Senator McCain, some of your detractors argue that you have a short fuse. You have a bad temper. That you can be difficult to deal with. How do you respond to these critics and don't you think having a bad temper might come in useful if you happened to discover Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Hugo Chavez, naked, buring American flags in a flag factory?

s Senator McCain, the issue of Iran and the possibility that Iran may be developing the ability to develop a giant spaced based nuclear death ray that will turn every Jewish person on the planet into a toasted oat flake is of great concern not only to many serious observers in this country but also among our allies in Israel. If you are elected president will you take immediate action to secure space against the possibility that Iran will deploy these weapons and possibly even construct a giant nuclear death ray relay station on the moon? And if so, do you think that the French should be denied any future access to the moon. And if in the event the French attempted to visit or influence activity on the moon would the United States be within it's rights to launch a preemptive attack to destroy France?

s Senator McCain, you have said that you are strickly opposed to torture yet critics point out that you have voted to support legislation which might allow torture. Senator, do you think that it would be appropriate to torture Dracula or the Ultra-Humanite or Morgoth Bauglir and the evil Sauron or Dick Cheney or Snidely Whiplash or Hitler or the alien body snatcher pods or Dr. Phil if it was determined that they had valuable information that would help us defeat the French Iranians?

4 Senator McCain, thank you for coming here this evening and answering our questions honsely and candidly. I hope nothing that was asked here this evening was inappropriate or uncomfortable for you and if it was I apologize. However, I think I can speak for the American people when I say that these are the questions that they would like answered by their future leaders. And I think you have demostrated that you are ready to take that responsibility and the American people have seen that here tonight.

Thank you everyone, and good night from all of us at ABC News.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Black Blizzards and Cross Bones 

I came to this by way of John and his excellent blog.

Barry Crimmins:
So Hillary is no better than a dope who walks in a hick bar on a Friday night and says-- See that guy over there who looks different than us? He says we's all ignorant! Let's get 'em!

I'd say she should be ashamed of herself but it's way too late to believe the woman is capable of feeling embarrassment. Her last hope are those the village never bothered to raise.

Read that whole post. See: Hoods in the 'hood

Crimmins is talking about the northern tier of PA - the borderlands - where northern PA meets New York's southern tier. The area here is Tioga county and as Crimmins mentions, including Lawrenceville just to the north of Tioga, at the junction of 15 (running north south) and 49 (running east west). Look at the map. One thing here to note is that several years ago an adrift faction of the Aryan Nations (after they were run out of Hayden Lake Idaho) made an attempt to set up a new HQ in this area... near Ulysses PA (which is on Rte 49) as I recall.

I can tell you that what Crimmins is describing isn't necessarily unusual. Right down to the idiots grooving to the back porch swing-twang of what amounts to the likes of Karl Klang - which gives hillbilly music a bad name.

I know where to find these idiots myself if I want to find some idiots (which i don't) although in more recent years the more vocal elements of the species I'm familiar with seem to have retreated back into their hidey holes (the so called "militias" in the area have disbanded any attempts at organization - including one which was connected to the Michigan Militia some years ago - when their fearless leader hot-footed it back to whatever other outpost of lunacy he had escaped from). All this retreat following the heyday of right wing paramilitary and Christian Identity white supremacy evangelism in the mid and late 90s. But, nevertheless, these pockets of wrath and rage and racist socio-political retardation still carry on. And although they seem to have been run up on the rocks of their own foul shores their sullen backlash sailors still tend to remote harbors tucked away in the tangled weeds and woodlots and waystations of a forsaken - and all too often dangerously - bitter - American rust belt wasteland. Biding their time like so many smugglers crouched and waiting in the mangroves for the next new moon to beckon.

And if you have ever ventured down these rural highways you might even come to understand why the more extreme elements of this lost and left behind remnant people - sectioned out as so much carion on the cheap labor-con menu - have come to resent the so called wonders of the so-called new economy (or whatever the fuck they call it now). And why their resentment can be (although far too often misdirected) none the less infectious.

Send us David Brooks... we need something nervous to shoot at!

Uh yes. Anyway...

It would do people like Hillary Clinton good to not mock -- with cheap tricks of feint and subterfuge -- chased with toasts of imported Crown Royal (becuzz you'd think that at least she would have the common fucking sense to get shitfaced on some sweaty corn mash and squished earthwom blend of cheap Bardstown American Ohio River water whiskey!) - But Noooooo!

It would do people like Hillary Clinton good to not mock the reality of the ecomomic 'black blizzard" that was NAFTA and related deregulation - the howling whore-squall of think tank noise and treachery tearing the prairie grasses from its traditional anti-erosion anchor - and the other assorted Neo-Liberal pie in the sky fantasies which came to bury the land under the cleverly sifted silt of so much disaster capitalism - and not to mock the anger and bitter harvest that it ultimately produced - for which both she and her greasy bombastic bullshit plow-back husband helped sow.

Well, ya might think that. And it would probably git ya labled an "elitist" and "out of touch". So be it. Makes me want to gas up a HD Softail Cross Bones and ride the hollows and highway 49s flying a black flag that reads "I’m in touch. I know exactly what’s going on."

Ride a dark horse!


"I'd like to make it clear to the people who run the Democratic Party that I will not support Hillary Clinton for president. Enough. Enough triangulation, calculation and equivocation. [...] Do not sit there cowering and pretending the only way to win is as Republican-lite. If the Washington-based party can't get up and fight, we'll find someone who can. ~ the late great Molly Ivins, Jan 20, 2006.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Whiskey for the People 

Lemme tell ya something. When I'm in the hunt for a good anti-fogmatic what do you think I do? I'll tell ya what I fuckin' do. I reach right for my special reserve of Old Pantsuit!

Thats right. That's goddamn right. I keep it in a special hiding place next to my over and under refrigerator. I don't want any teenagers getting after it. If teenagers find my stuff they'll take it. And they'll drink it. And they'll tell other teenagers about it. And the next thing you know there will be teenagers crawlin' all over the place like missionaries in a jungle. So I hide it next to the refrigerator behind my box of chainsaw parts and my scrapbook of Halley Mills magazine pictures. Fortunately there ain't a teenager within thirty miles of here so I haven't had any problems yet. But if there were some teenagers around here I don't think I need to tell you there would be some trouble.

I saw Hillary Clinton on the tv today getting jug-bitten with a bunch of woodchucks from some god forsaken hell hole in Pennsyvania. I was in Pennsyvania once. And I will never go back to there because it took me almost 25 years to learn how to spell Pennsyvania and I think it is condescending and elitist to make your state difficult to spell and make regular people have to learn how to spell a stupid state nobody else is from. I can spell Main and Vermant and Ohio. And I went to those states before. I have never spelled Massachusites right and that is why I have never went there before and I never will.

I am glad that Hillary Clintoon is not from a hard to spell state. Hillary is from New York which is where I is from and I live now and Hillary doesn't live to far away and I could drive right down there to where she lives and eat at the Arby's near White Planes.

Arby's is from White Planes too and Hillary lives near White Planes just like Arby and once when I was in a Arby's near White Planes I said "hey, does Bill Clinton come here sometimes to buy curly fries?" and the guy said "oh, yeah, sure, he buys curly fries here every Tuesday night" and I said "cool" and he said "rock on dude" and I said "rock on" (but I said it more forcefully than he did) and he said "that will be $5.95" and I said "no problemo, you got change for a 10" and he said...

Well, I don't think he said anything... but he did have change for a $10. So, I said "say hey to the Big Dawg for me next time he slides by" and he gave me one of those friendly two finger salutes as if to say "you got it my friend" and then so I went and pulled up my truck a little so people behind me could get their food too...because, who knows, the Big Dawg could have been waiting in the line like evryone else. And so I pulled forward so I could count my change and then I drove on back around and into the parking lot again and ate my food in my truck (eventhough I think that might be inethical) but I didn't see the Big Dawg stop in on that night and I did keep a eye-out.

So I was gladdened when I seen Hillary on tv and she was drinking up Royal Crown with some knuckleheads from Pennsilvaia because I know that Arby's makes Royal Crown too and even though I don't go to Pennsilvaiana much any more (not that i did anyway) I love Royal Crown (especially RC Psycho Nitro Drink!) and so when I heard Hillary was tankin' up on Royal Crown in Pennsilvannia I figures she was probably tossing back the Psycho Nitro Drink too because it would either be that or the Cola or maybe the Diet Cola because she is a lady.

And that is how I live too because when I drink Old Pantsuit I always mix it with Royal Crown Cola and fresh ice or i drink Old Pantsuit and sometimes Psycho Nitro but mostly RC Cola.

Royal Crown and Old Pantsuit rocks!

And also when Hillary was drinking on tv she told about how when she was a girl her uncle took her out to shoot. No doubt to shoot at road signs in the country near Scantoon Pennsylania. Because where I am from is not too far from there and we even have a national holiday to shoot at roads signs... at least we did.

Which remided me too... i was shooting at road signs when i was a teenager and we would shoot a road sign and then me and my brothers would bring the road sign back to our house and dress it in the garage and then we would clean it all up for the sake of the law and other ridiculous stuff and later on sometime one of us would hang it up in our room and then maybe even an apartment at college - in the event one of us made it that far - and eventually nervous yet totally exciting and highly intellectually stimulating chicks from the college would ask us about our road sign on our wall and about how it got all those bullet holes in it in the first place and sometimes we would get layed...

...and sometimes we wood get layed next to a shotgun-slug-blasted rural Yield sign in the middle of no-where while we giggled and fiddled and tossed and rolled up big fatties on the dashboard and Jessica rolled from the speakers and the summer wind whipped through the windows and we flew down the road with our Old Pantsuit and Royal Crown between the seats...

and there was no end in sight.


Open Thread 

April 14, 1935


} ...known as "Black Sunday", twenty of the worst "Black Blizzards" occurred throughout the Dust Bowl, causing extensive damage, turning the day to night.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

What's the Matter with the Rust Belt 

Dave Lindorff, author of The Case for Impeachment (St. Martin’s Press, 2006):
I haven’t lived in rural Pennsylvania or in rural Indiana, but I have lived in rural upstate New York, in towns where there are so few Democrats that on some local election ballots, not a single position, from town council to justice of the peace, has a contest. As in China, your option is to vote for the Republican candidate, or to leave that line blank.

And many of the people in these towns, uniformly white, when they talk politics, spend a lot of their time complaining about black people, immigrants (neither of whom can even be found in the vicinity) and the threat to their guns.

Barack Obama is exactly right.

In Hancock, NY and Spencer, NY, there are no factory jobs. There used to be in Hancock, but the companies where hundreds of people used to work have long since folded or moved south of the border, courtesy of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) aggressively promoted and pushed through Congress by Bill and Hillary Clinton during the 1990s. In Spencer, there are no jobs because in the free-for-all bidding by companies for tax giveaways between communities, Spencer had nothing much to offer. The town is so dirt poor that when the library board, of which I was briefly president, got a measure on the ballot to have one extra dollar per taxpayer of school district taxes allocated to support the local little library, which was at that time totally supported by donations, the measure went down to resounding defeat (I was labeled a communist by some for promoting the idea!).

In 1992, neighbors in Spencer told me they were voting for George H. W. Bush-a patrician blue blood if ever there was one-because Bill Clinton, if elected “would take away our guns.”

Of course, he didn’t, and had no intention of doing so, but that didn’t matter.

Don’t get me wrong-the people in Hancock and Spencer are good folks. I’m pretty sure many of them probably give a higher proportion of their meager incomes to charity than do millionaires John McCain and Hillary Clinton. But Obama is right that in their angst and frustration at seeing the good economic times pass them by, at seeing themselves abandoned by the federal government in hard times, and at seeing candidates promise them everything during campaigns, only to ignore them after winning, they are bitter and frustrated.

And they have a right to be, and they should be.

One response to that bitterness and frustration is that they are open to the charlatans in both parties, and especially the Republican Party, who have played on their basest fears. It’s Republicans who have whispered the poison in their ears that their high taxes are because “the Blacks” are getting all that welfare money and are getting all the jobs through “quotas.” It’s the Republicans who have warned them about “hoards” of Mexicans coming across the border to steal their jobs. It’s the Republicans who have been warning them that Democrats are going to take their hunting rifles and shotguns away. It’s the Republicans and their Christian fundamentalist front men who have been saying that the Democrats have been causing the nation’s decline by supporting licentiousness and a “gay” agenda. And it’s Republicans and Democrats who have been hyping the bogus issue of national defense to keep people from focusing on the deliberate dismantling of the US economy that is underway. (Over years of Republican and Democratic administrations, the tax contribution of US corporations to the national budget has fallen from 50% in 1940 to just 14% today. Between 1996 and 2000, 61% of all corporations and 39% or large corporations paid no taxes at all, and that situation has only gotten worse in the Bush years.)

Anything but the real issue, which is how to provide funds so that the children in places like Spencer and Hancock can get a decent education without bankrupting the local taxpayers, how those communities can get jobs again, so that their children won’t have to move out, how to ensure that everyone in town can have health insurance and access to medical care.

Barack Obama is right. I’ve seen it in person. The people in rural America are bitter and frustrated, and after years of being played by politicians, they fall victim to the charlatans who tell them it’s all because of “the Blacks,” or the immigrants, or who tell them that their guns are in danger. Or they turn to religions that preach division or apocalypse-a concept that offers the chance of a final, delicious revenge against the rich and the powerful oppressors on Wall Street and in Washington. [...]

continued at Finding Voters ‘Bitter and Frustrated,’ Obama is Sounding Like Nader, ( Common Dreams.org )

= = = =

} The politics of the Karl Rove era were designed to distract and divide the very people who would ordinarily be rebelling against the deterioration of their way of life. Working Americans have been repeatedly seduced at the polls by emotional issues such as the predictable mantra of "God, guns, gays, abortion and the flag" while their way of life shifted ineluctably beneath their feet.

With this new Congress, and heading into an important presidential election in 2008, American workers have a chance to be heard in ways that have eluded them for more than a decade. Nothing is more important for the health of our society than to grant them the validity of their concerns. And our government leaders have no greater duty than to confront the growing unfairness in this age of globalization. ~ Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), Class Struggle - American workers have a chance to be heard. (November 15, 2006)


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