Friday, August 14, 2009

Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa): Death Panel Guard since 2003! 

Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) voted for bill mandating government death panels in 2003!

!!! Chuck Grassley (R-Glenn Beck): Senate Death Panel member since 2003 !!!

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Lewin Group) voted in 2003 to allow government bureaucrats to evaluate:
"...the beneficiary's need for pain and symptom management, including the individual's need for hospice care; counseling the beneficiary with respect to end-of-life issues and care options,..." [ see: Time magazine, Aug. 13, 2009 ]

In 2003 Chuck Grassley (and 42 other Republican senators) voted to allow socialized government bureaucrats to decide what kind of pain pills and disease symptoms your sick loved ones will be allowed to have as well as what kind of support care they should have - including government provided spiritual instruction! - and where and when they should go to die!

Chuck Grassley says now that he is against Death Panels. But Chuck Grassley has been a Death Panel supporter and enforcer since 2003!

It is time for concerned citizens to confront Chuck Grassley at the townhall and in the public square and ask him why he is hiding - like a Nazi death camp guard on the run from a monstrous past - his role as a national Republican socialist Death Panel enabler since 2003.

Chuck Grassley must be held accountable for his role as a Government Death Panel guard.

!!! PALINCare -- Field Dressing Grandpa !!!

Former part time temp governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, declared in the spring of 2008 her support for Alaska Death Panel Day (cleverly disguised in government bureaucrat-speak as “Healthcare Decisions Day"). Palin's proclamation as governor in 2008 encouraged government bureaucratic instruments known as "advance directives" to make decisions concerning when the sick and elderly and speechless should die!

Sarah Palin - like Chuck Grassley - also, is now pretending to be against Death Panels. But Sarah Palin's dark past and previous recent support for Death Panels is following her too. Just as the dark past followed the Nazi euthanasist after WW2!

Sarah Palin (former socialist petro-state governor of Alaska) too must be confronted with her prior evil support for, and encouragement of, Death Panels and euthanasia in Alaska in 2008.

Demand answers from Palin and Grassley.

To the Townhall!


John Boehner, aka: Boner - (R-KStreet) Minority Leader/US House of Representatives - Wanted for questioning in connection with passage of legislation manating the activities of Death Panels operating since 2003.

Thaddeus McCotter, aka: Ferret Face - (R-Wolverines!) US House of Representatives - Wanted for questioning in connection with passage of legislation mandating the activities of Death Panels operating since 2003.

Johnny Isakson (R-Cobb County), aka: Johnny Peaches - US Senator. Proposes creation of Homeland Security/government run forced work camps for undesirables. Wanted for questioning in connection with passage of legislation mandating the activities of Death Panels operating since 2003.

More/See: Multiple Republican Leaders Voted In 2003 For... “Government Euthanasia” Bill (The Plumline).

To the Townhall!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tomato Blight Night Post 

Actual SBL/farm photos:

Early signs of blight on leaves (outlined in red above)

Beneath this seemingly happy looking canopy lurks a tangled fungal nightmare of blight and doom and metastasizing horrors!

Areas of blighted leaves outlined in red above.

Closeup of blighted leaves below. Leaves curl and dry out, turn brown and die. Early warnings of late blight may also appear as yellow discoloration with black or brown spots appearing on leaves. Although this can be an indication of other fungal disease such as Septoria Leaf Spot or witchcraft.

Blighted leaves and early signs of blight discloration on tomato (yellow circle above photo).

Blight demon (see red arrow in above photo) hides among the devastation. The only way to destroy a blight demon is to implore Sarah Palin's Kenyan pastor Thomas Muthee to kill the witch that sent the blight demons to kill all the tomatoes. Either that or you can lure the demons from their hiding places with fire, hit them on the head with a death panel, and then drown them in a tub of chlorine. Or shoot them from a helicopter.

Below: three photos of blighted/demon possessed tomatoes.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Orly run amok in the goldenrod 

I dunno how many old soviet lead fillings Orly Taitz (if that is her real name) has squirreled away in her molars but however many there may be they are obviously leaching into her bloodstream and screwing around - like bugs in a bughouse - with her ding-a-ling receptors (or whatever those things are called).

Via Politico:
We set off in a flotilla of cars. When we got to the state office complex an hour later, it took less than ten minutes for us to get badges and pass through security. A man named George Wilding, the manager of Kentucky's Public Corruption Unit, led us to a conference room. A few minutes later, we were joined by Bob Foster, Kentucky's Commissioner of Criminal Investigations.

Then Taitz began to talk, and she did not stop for 15 solid minutes: Obama forged this and his campaign forged that and these are his false addresses and here's something very strange that Justice Scalia told her at a book signing and here are the 500,000 signatures collected by WorldNetDaily magazine demanding an investigation ...

Finally Wilding held up a hand. "Let me just stop you right there. What applies to Kentucky?"

One of the citizens starts showing him documents. "This is clearly his school record that shows that he was a citizen of Indonesia ..."

"I don't understand what that has to do with the Kentucky attorney general's office," Wilding repeated.

"He was on the ballot here in Kentucky," Taitz said.

"That was a federal election. There are federal-election laws. The FBI investigates those. So I believe that your best venue and jurisdiction lies with the U.S. district court and the FBI."

That's when Taitz lost it. "I can see that you are hell-bent on doing absolutely nothing," she said, eyes flaring. "You want to pass the buck."

"No ma'am. I'm trying to follow the law."

"I'm going to the FBI and not only reporting Obama, I'm going to report you for refusing to investigate crimes. You have a duty to investigate those crimes! Why are people paying salary for this whole office of attorney general of Kentucky? To do nothing?"

"I think we're finished," Foster said.

But Taitz wasn't finished. She marched her troops straight over to the secretary of state's office and did the exact same presentation all over again. Then she headed to the FBI to do it a third time. And the whole time, she never stopped talking:

[continues... see link above]

Maybe Orly Taitz is some long lapsed Soviet sleeper mole that somehow missed the Alma-Ata Protocols memo releasing her from any further obligations to her natural born homeland? Then again, it's probably just something scary in the fillings.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Breaking: Government bureaucrats agree to grant unconditional commutation of death sentence to Sarah Palin's baby! 

Must read

Progressives make sweeping concessions to conservatives on health care by agreeing to remove the "Kill Sarah Palin's Baby Act of 2009" (Daily Kos) provisions from any future health care legislation.
[...] While this will require us to gut HR 3200 "America's Health Choices and Murder Sarah Palin's Baby Act of 2009," we're currently working with Henry Waxman to remove the extensive Sarah Palin's baby-killing provisions from the final bill. [Read full story at Daily Kos link above!]

Later this evening CNN's John Roberts and Candy Crowley will discuss this important development - and what it might mean for you and your family - with the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and Minnesota House Rep. Michelle Bachmann.

The former governor will express her relief that baby Trig will no longer have to "stand in front of Obama's "death panel"" and thank fellow conservative activists for speaking out so loudly against such government sanctioned final solutions. She will however urge Americans to remain vigilant and remind them that although baby Trig has been spared the judgement of Obama's "death panel" this does not mean that under some fututre foreign, yet to be revealed, legislative language - proposed by advocates of national socialized government mandated health care redistribution - baby Trig could not be somehow forcibly removed from his mothers care at some point, designated a "medical undesirable," and placed into a secret Obamacare government run security detention facility for "slaphappy" children and dangerous Muslim youth. A fate, the governor will admit, she wouldn't even wish on her own grandchild's father.

Rep. Bachmann is also too expected to sound additional alarms and stress that any legislative discussions going forward must address grave concerns among our nations senior citizens that enrollment in government sanctioned Obamacare might very likely subject them to involuntary participation in experimental vital organ chop-n-swap exchanges being jointly administered by US, Cuban, and Sharia State "sawbone" collectives. And being payed for with money redirected from the Social Security Trust Fund. Thereby emphasizing the importance of reforming - or even possibly eliminating - the Social Security program in order to halt funding of such experimental organ mining programs.

Dr. Newton Gingrich will join Roberts and Crowley and their guests to reemphasize a point he made to the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 1994:
People like me are what stand between us and Auschwitz. I see evil all around me every day..."

And, what he told Mother Jones magazine in 1989:
[Medicare is a] Harvard[-style] centralized bureaucracy-driven model of health care, which is inherently, catastrophically bad....

Roberts and Crowley will help shed more light on these and other very serious fears that thousands of just plain regular American citizens are currently concerned about. As has been demonstrated most recently during crowded townhall meetings and public question and answer discussion forums across the country.

New concessions by liberal and progressive government elites also included the removal of the Early Euthanization and Taxidermy of the Aging and Elderly Act which had been alluded to in the early provisions (and any language authorizing "Death Panels" to oversee such proposed legislation). These unpopular proposals, prominently highlighted by concerned grass roots consevative groups and responsible media outlets, will now be permanently removed from the existing bill.

Similarly, cleverly disguised government run FEMA tanneries operated by ACORN for the purpose of processing the hides of euthanized senior citizens (as well as Sarah Palin's baby) will no longer remain an option or appear in any forthcoming bill or proposed final legislation passed by the House and/or Senate. (See Daily Kos link above for more key details).

Additionally, immigrants - pouring across our national borders from the Socialist Medicine Republic of Canada and the CGB/UK (United Kingdom of Communist Great Britian) - in search of hip replacements will no longer be allowed to take advantage of the deep discounts on hip replacements offered by America's privately managed health care system. This will include the popular Four Hour Hip Replacement (turnover time may vary depending upon demand) and the Buy One Hip Replacement Get A Second Hip Replacement Free programs. As a future cost cutting measure these programs and any steep discounts which may apply will henceforth be accessible to real American's only (those who possess and display an original long form birth certificate validating their natural born US citizenship status). Those in possession of a "certificate of live birth" (or other similar questionable documentation) will be subjected to necessary mandatory selective background checks [*] and any applicable fees and or fines to be determined by a private body of health care management doctor to patient conciliators acting on behalf of individual freedom, the US Constitution, and the sanctity of natural born citizen patient rights.

[*] refer to: The Birther Natural Born Citizen Health Care Access Protection Entitlement Act of 2009 to be introduced later this summer by key Repulican lawmakers.

In less happier developments

Tomato ruination: About a week ago, in an earlier comment thread, I mentioned the spread of this late blight problem. Here is more on that from today's NY Times Week in Review - See You Say Tomato, I Say Agricultural Disaster (New York Times, Week in Review, Sunday Aug. 09, 2009).


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