Friday, July 21, 2006

The Fondler in Chief 

G "I'm The Fondler, and I decide what's best to fondle."

Well, coming to all this a little bit late, but: Match the correct words below with the photos at left.

4 Love yer neighbor like ya love yerself...
4 A little dubbya'll do ya... (hett hett hett)

4 Hey, what's a slut like you doing in a classy joint like this?

4 Congratulations! You've been voted most beautiful girl in the room and the grand prize is a massage from me!

4 You got a nickname or can I call you "mine"?

4 I know a great way to burn off them calories in that pastry you just ate (hett hett).

4 Lets skip all this bull-shit, lose our in-ha-bishins, and do what we really came here to do.

4 I'm like a travelin' OB-GYN. "Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country." How longs it bin since yer last checkup?

4 I like your ass, can I wear it as a hat?

4 I'm The Fondler, and i'm mighty fond of you!

4 Hey Angela, how'd ya like to have me glaze your stroodle for ya after the show?

4 You smell real good. Like a ver-boten fruit.

4 Would ya like to share a scotch and sofa back at my com-passion ranch?

4 How'd ya like to inspect my weapon of mass destuction for verification of targeting viability?

4 I'll show ya my secret undisclosed location if you'll show me yours.

4 Whadd'ya say my G-8 pays a little dip-lo-matic visit to yer G-Spot soon as this G-D meetin' is over?

4 I'd sure like to bury my bunker buster in your tunnel complex.

4 If you and I were squirrels, I'd bust open a nut in your hidey hole.

4 If this were a Texas barbeque you'd be the prime rib.

4 Whaddya say my commander in chief pays a personal visit to your chancellory. If ya know what I mean (hett hett hett...).

4 Hey Germany, lookin' mighty hot. You must be the real reason for all that global warmin' talk i been hearin' lately.

4 How'd ya like me to thrust my spearhead into your Ardenne forest?

4 Condi sez the head of my penis reminds her of a little Nazi helmet (hett hett).

4 I'd call this a animal attraction but i'm not into all those new positions.

4 You remind me of a hooker I knew in Houston.

4 I'll be your Fuhrer, if you'll be my Eva.

4 Would you like to dance or should I go ficken myself again?

4 Eeeeks! Du Schwein!

4 I was just telling Germany to keep an eye on that I-talian feller... you know how them I-tal-yans can be with the hands... know what i'm sayin'... (hett hett).

4 That Polish ambassador fella sure does have a purty mouth.

4 See, I like to put food on my family and my hands on the neighbors. I like to put my love on the women and hug the wives of the orphans... love yer neighbor like ya love yerself... I like back-rubs, I'm a uniter.... How come they don't serve pretzels at these e-vents...?

4 What?, who?, me?, what?

- - - - -

Or, make up your own captions.


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