Saturday, September 05, 2009

To The Lighthouse! 

SBL weekend presents:
~ Flying Red Herrings
~ Momma Grizzly
~ Feast of a Nation's Stomach

Mooseshit you can believe in. Behold a Feast of Mixed Metaphors and Washed Up Cliches swept ashore in LA and stranded upon the sands of a Minnesota Desert Oasis crawling with Growling Stomach Snakes, the Fog of Mirage, Suffocating Famine, and Flying Red Herrings brighter than all the stars in a Hollywood Dream. And a Lighthouse, a stage Beacon brighter than the sun, the shining heart of a servant, guiding each of us through the shifting stormy ballpark of Lightning Filled Seas. Or something weird like that:

Via Rumproast.com - Sarah Palin: The Lighthouse, Oasis, & Feast. Before Her Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech. - Posted by April-Liesel Binapri (at Pro-Sarah.com)on Sep 3rd, 2009:
[...] If pride is the reason you refuse to go towards a lighthouse which is the beacon of hope, which is the beacon of safety, which is a beacon to that Shining City on a Hill… then in those dark, stormy and dangerous waters you will drown.

A year ago in the dark pre-dawn of Los Angeles County came onto a Minnesota stage a lighthouse that still shines bright. This lighthouse and beacon of The People, by The People, and for The People still shines brighter than all of the Stars in the North Sky combined. This lighthouse and beacon of The People, by The People, and for The People still shines brighter than the Sun. This lighthouse and beacon of The People, by The People, and for The People is like an Oasis of pure water in a desert.

She is that Oasis in a nation thirsty for fiscal restraint, less government intervention, greater energy independence, strong national security, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She is that Oasis in a baren desert of endless government programs that cost billions of money our descendants can’t afford and still can’t provide one drop to quench the thirst. She is that Oasis in a desert of millions of Americans who thirst for Washington DC to listen to their voices. She is that Oasis in a desert of snakes disguised as those who ought to protect us and serve us but instead use their venom and stinging bite to do their selfish bidding instead of the people who thirst for those who will protect and serve with a servant’s heart. She is that Oasis in a desert of flies who fly in our faces like red herrings doing their best to distract us from that Oasis rich with flowing waters to quench our thirst. She is that Oasis in a nation being teased and fooled by the mirage that usual suspects have given this nation for far too long. Back then and today… she is that Lighthouse and Oasis! She is that Lighthouse and Oasis like a feast for those in famine.


[...] Sarah Palin is that Feast, Oasis, and Lighthouse in a nation of People who hunger and thirst for Their American Dreams to come true.

[...] A year ago… before the Sun rose in Los Angeles… the place of Hollywood Dreams… An American Dream named Sarah Palin stepped on a stage getting use to the stage and set up as the usual suspects on cable and network news were talking about her doom. A year ago… my heart was pounding and my breath steady and deep… saw on that stage the Feast of a nation’s stomach that growls like an angry Momma Grizzly protecting her cubs. As I took a sip of my bottled water I saw on that stage the Oasis of a nation still thirsty for energy independence, stonger national security, less government intervention, and much needed fiscal restraint. A year ago… I saw on that stage a lighthouse that will lead our nation out of the thick fog that are power hungry politicians, elites, and ruling class who give us nothing but ominous, shifting, and stormy lightning filled seas.

You betcha. Read in full at Rumproast (link above).


Sunday, August 30, 2009

SBL Weekend 

One Night Only:

Pumpkin Patch Sunflowers


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