Friday, October 13, 2006

Hecate: In The Blink Of A Dragon's Eye 

Hecate: In The Blink Of A Dragon's Eye

Last longest? Hmm. Damn good question. Teeth most likely; I cover a lot of stories about dug-up graveyards and both then and archaeology in general suggest that enamel lasts longer than just about anything. Of course considering that my teeth are fallign away/apart/out when I'm not even gone yet, I may be an exception to this rule. :)

On the other hand I know one thing that makes up a large part of me that is going to be gone with my last breath: mitochondrial DNA. Passes only down the female line, and I have only sons. Fine and wonderful sons mind you, and doing their damndest to perpetuate the regular sort of DNA, but the mDNA that came down from Eve (African fossil, not Hebrew myth) ends with me.

Oddly enough this makes me feel special somehow, not depressed. Seems like I should get around to doing something to make this passing memorable, and lamented by future generations. :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Assface of the Year 

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