Monday, April 19, 2010

Fountain of Babble (with duckface update) 

So, how'd that hopey charity thing work out...?: Check it out. It's classic Palin. One long windy unpunctuated rattlebrain babble-feast.

Globe and Mail (transcript) (Friday, Apr. 16):
Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin addressed a crowd in Hamilton, Ont., on Thursday night at an event benefitting the Charity of Hope. Nine hundred tickets were sold at $200 a pop, where the one time Alaska governor was joined by her husband, Todd. What follows is a complete transcript of her address.

Danielle Crittenden (who was in attendance) sums it up:
Her 45-minute speech rambled all over the place, from her challenges as a mother facing a teenage pregnancy and a Downs-syndrome baby to Todd’s Iron Dog racing to the tea partiers to Alaska-Canada ties, wildlife, the Al-Can highway to God helping us take back this nation and stand up for small business, to common sense solutions, to Plato telling us to be nice to others, to getting’ our economy workin’ again, to the importance of community, to ice hockey and the Olympics—in short, her familiar carpool-mother-with-Tourettes-syndrome.

It was hard to figure out whether she was working up some Christian motivational routine, or just kvetching about her poor treatment by the media, or trying to demonstrate her political cred by hitting the right “facts” about Canada-U.S. relations.

If you tried to parse it, you couldn’t. There was not a single memorable line, not a single new political idea, not a single proffered solution beyond the cliché of “needing new solutions.” And when the moderator “opened the floor to questions, guess what? Even those questions had to be written down by the tables and submitted in advance, to be selectively chosen by the moderator. Our table mischievously submitted, “Who is your favorite Canadian Prime Minister?” but for some reason it wasn’t asked.

quelle surprise

Palin's stemwinder shriekings usually just remind me of seagulls circling a landfill. But, I don't carpool (because my sexist desires prefer nymph pools).

Also too: I added some stuff to the sidebar. Including some Twitter feed links, in the event anyone here wants to wade around in that swamp. You betcha.

UPDATE: what the fucks with all the duckface?

See Anti duckface dot com for more information.

Just another duckfaced huckstercluck.


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