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Skybox Sue's Sporting House of Massage 

Girls just wanna have fun...

Susan Ralston resigns following additional disclosures of White House ties to Abramoff:

White House Aide Ralston Resigns Following Abramoff Report

By Richard Keil

Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) -- A top aide to White House political director Karl Rove has resigned, with the administration citing a House of Representatives report examining her ties to disgraced Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff as the reason.

Susan Ralston, Rove's top aide at the White House, is resigning a week after a House Government Reform panel's report documented her role in arranging tickets to sporting events for Rove from the lobbyist.


The report showed that Abramoff claimed at least 485 contacts with administration officials over the past six years, including nine with Rove. The report, based on billing records from Abramoff's former law firm, showed he claimed 17 meetings, seven telephone conversations and 42 e-mail exchanges with White House officials; more than half were with Ralston.

Fast times at the Chickenhawk Ranch - Newsweek:
The e-mails show Ralston peppering Abramoff with requests for small perks and favors. "Can we get the row A seats for the 12/22 Caps game?" she asked Abramoff in a Dec. 22, 2001, e-mail about an upcoming Washington Capitals hockey game. "Need 4 for O's on 8/23 and 4 for Springsteen if possible," she wrote the lobbyist on July 26, 2002. Ralston's lawyer declined to comment.


According to the new records, Abramoff and his associates turned to Mehlman in their bid to obtain $16.3 million in federal funds from the Justice Department to build a jail for the Mississippi Band of Choctaws, an Abramoff client. In one e-mail, Abramoff associate Tony Rudy described to Abramoff a meeting he had with Mehlman about the subject. "Mehlman said he would take care of this," Rudy wrote. "He was a rock star." After Justice later approved funding for the Choctaw jail, another Abramoff associate e-mailed a colleague: "Those guys should get anything they want for the rest of the time they're in office ... Opening Day tickets, Skins v. Giants, oriental massages, hookers, whatever ... " Mehlman denied any wrongdoing. "The job of the political director is to meet with interested parties—in some cases, political supporters—and hear them out," he said Friday.

"Hookers"!!! Good golly - heavens to Betsy! Well, I guess we can only guess at the reasons that three-letter man Jeff Gannon/Guckert was scampering in and out the back door of the Whore, i mean White!, the White House... late into the night.

And, speaking of perks and favors and other after hour gropings: I wonder if Ralston delivered the "oriental massages" herself? God only knows what else "whatever" might include but whatever it is I'm sure it involved plenty of greased palms and lubricated openings and other "overly friendly" gestures of appreciation. Or whatever.


musical noots and gingrich flutes 

Ode to an effete mutant hatchling in a polluted political pond-land:
We'd like to set the record straight by singing of the newt
For newts are open-minded; they are flexible and cute
A newt can breathe in water and a newt can breathe on land
And if you are a different critter newts will understand
Newts are not mean-spirited; they never are unfair
Newts are not underhanded and are not afraid to share
Newts do not have bad haircuts because newts are lacking hair
But the newt called Gingrich drives all true newts to despair
Gingrich the Newt's a disgrace to the name
When true newts see him they feel so ashamed
He's the black sheep of the newt family
The one rotten fruit on the newt family tree
Newts don't prey on other newts; in that they don't believe
And you will never catch a newt with something up his sleeve
They're tolerant to different environments and so
They don't send little newties to the orphanage to grow
What kind of newt wears a suit and a tie
And frightens small children as he rushes by?
But we admit that his suit suits him good
Much more discreet than a sheet and a hood
A newt may be cold-blooded but he won't go to extremes
And you can trust a newt to be exactly what he seems
Newts are sorry if you're sad; they're happy if you're gay
But Gingrich is perverse, and worse
He's proud to be that way
Gingrich the Newt is puffed up like a toad
So full of himself that he's bound to explode
And then we'll raise up our tails in salute
A fitting tribute
To that horse's patoot
Gingrich the Newt

Lyrics: Hank Card
Austin Lounge Lizards
"Gingrich the Newt"
CD/Album: "Small Minds"



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listen to the planet 




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the moved on series 

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