Saturday, September 26, 2009

SBL nature trail 

Chip E. Munk giving me the munk-eye.

I've been watching him/her come and go all summer (he/she scampers down a hole right there between the pavers).

I think he's got some kind of survivalist shelter down there. Maybe even a jimsonweed lab. Or some kind of underground sex nest.

I wish I had an underground sex nest. But that's for another post.

Tomorrow, or the next day, or sometime, I'll try to take a picture of the frog that lives in the birdbath. Keep checking back every couple hours or so over the next eleven months so you don't miss that.

In the meantime...

Ran across this guy in the photo above yesterday afternoon while looking for some mushrooms.

Late Breaking Update!
Highly anticipated photo of actual birdbath frog (see below). Also, too...

Bagged this 50 gram meadow monster (see photo below) with my Ted Nugent Cobra Compound bow and a FoamStrike arrow fired from a tree stand from about forty yards away. After field dressing the kill (for this I prefer the tangy nutty starbursty flavor of Sarah Palin's Low Expectations Moose Chunk and Folksy Bromide Nut Oil Field Dressing) I dragged him to the road, tagged him and tied him to the hood of the Austin Healey. I drove home immediately to report my harvest to the official state wildlife management authorities on the internet.

Next week on SBL Nature Trail we will go hunting for Northern Fence Lizards and Car Keys. So stay tuned.

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