Saturday, June 28, 2008

PUMA uncovers vast international Nazi network connections to Obama! 

"Bush’s grandfather traded with the Nazis, Obama works for them."

Surely, you are thinking to yourself this cannot be true. I'm sorry to inform you that you would be wrong to think that way. For it has now been revealed that Barack Obama is an active agent of a global Nazi publishing network operating from deep inside post Nazi Germany. A powerful global network whose ubiquitous tentacles reach into the homes of millions of innocent low information voter Americans.

I became aware of this shocking dark story only recently while visiting the PUMA Party (dot com) website.

This is what I learned:
Have you ever wondered how two books by an obscure academic and politician nobody had ever heard of made him a millionaire? Well his books are published by Crown Books and Crown Books is owned by Bertelsman AG of Germany...


Good God! It's like that creative class witch who wrote those Harry Potter yarns. One day she was just some obscure nobody living in a coldwater flat in Scottland eating boilded hedgehog eggs and then before ya know'd it she was a famous obscure billionaire! Have you ever wondered how that happened?

And now we have Barack Obama who is published by Crown Books and Bertelsmann AG, the same Bertelsmann publishing giant founded in 1835 (C. Bertelsmann Verlag) and the same Bertelsmann company that published Nazi author Will Vesper (Martin Luthers Jugendjahre, Bilder und Legenden, (1935):
In the public book-burning in May 1933 in Dresden, Vesper gave the ceremonial speech. Already, at the beginning of the thirties, Vesper was becoming known as an author of the Bertelsmann editions.


Vesper gave himself, more than almost any other writer, to the service of National-socialist propaganda, writing polemics of almost pure party-politics and remunerative "Fuhrer-poems", particularly aggressive towards unacceptable fellow-authors, above all the exiles. [ see: Wiki entry ]

See what i mean?

But there is more (about Bertelsmann AG):
When the Company bought Random House in 1998 they falsified History to hide their Nazi connections and activities but had to publicly admit that they did so in 2002. [...] Obama’s current wealth is based on his advances from these guys. Still think he’s different to Bush? He is, he’s a lot worse! Bush’s
grandfather traded with the Nazis, Obama works for them.
- Ever Wonder

Yes, it's all true, Random House is a division of Bertelsmann AG (those old Nazi "guys"). And Barack Obama's publisher Crown is owned by Random House. Now do you see how the tentacles reach into millions of American homes? Sure you do. Whatever you do, don't get me going on Volkswagons!

Fortunately, Hillary Clinton is not a Nazi publishing satrap appeaser. And that's refreshing news. Hillary's fantastic autoboigraphy Bowling Alley Days; My Life Setting Pins Until Midnight is published by Simon & Schuster. And I don't think you want to be calling Carly Simon a Nazi guy. Now do ya? I know I don't.

Unfortunately, the good refreshing news doesn't last long (these are, afterall, sinister times). And after further investigations I have learned that Bill Clinton's book My Life is published by Knopf. Knopf Publishing Group was acquired by Random House in 1960. Yup, the same Random House that is owned by the Nazis! I guess Bill Clinton will have to rename his book My Life as a Fuck Jet Nazi. You won't find this additional research at the PUMA site but I'm sure that the PUMA author of (Ever Wonder) the initial investigation into Obama's connections to Crown/Random House/Bertelsmann AG/Nazis will be interested in updating the story as soon as he or she or whoever they are (apparently, someone named "weezulbadjur") reads my important followup investigation.

Did you know that Toni Morrison is a Bertelsmann Nazi. Sigh, yes, it's true. And Al Gore too. See for yourself: Random House – The World's Number One Trade Book Publisher

As I mentioned earlier: Hillary has not fallen under the black iron heeled boot of the Nazi publishing menace. As far as I know.

However, I wouldn't get to comfortable just yet. I have learned that Martha Stewart is also published by Crown. Yes, that's right, the very same Crown/Bertelsmann AG/Nazi guys that Barack Obama works for! See for yourself: Crown Publishing Group. Where will it end?

Even more sinister -- I warned you these were sinister times -- is the money trail I have uncovered which reveals contributions from Martha Stewart to Hillary's campaign efforts in the summer of 2007. On May 14, 2007 Martha Stewart (Living /Founder) made $4600 dollar contribution to Hillary Clinton. And get this: on June 27, 2001 Martha Stewart made a $75,000 dollar contribution to something called the "Democratic Unity Non-Federal Acct 2"! (you can find this information at that Open Secrets dot org site if you are very clever.)

UNITY! The Unity hydra reaches back all the way to the year 2001 and Martha Stewart (who works for the Nazi Crown just like Barack Obama!) was funneling big money to the "Unity" effort even way back in 2001!

OMG, I am like so upset.

This is the biggest untold story yet. Why is the A-List Blogosphere ignoring it!?

It (the story) must be told. Martha Stewart, working with Herr Obama and the German Nazi Bertelsmann AG/Random House/Crown have been funneling big money into the UNITY since 2001. And Al Gore and Bill Clinton and Toni Morrison and even John McCain (yes, John McCain's book False Teeth and Babyback Ribs is also published by the Nazi quislings at Random House!)

Like I said. The tentacles reach everywhere. But I'm sure Hillary knows nothing about any of this. But still it is bothersome that she is now appearing at UNITY rallies with Obama and so I think it is important that someone sneaks up behind her at some point and warns her that almost everyone around her is working for the Nazis.

I was going to draw a complex chart which shows the Nazi money trail connections through the Nazi mule Martha Stewart and including all the Obamastaffel connections to Markos Moulitas and Keith Olbermann (don't you find it interesting that both Olbermann and Bertelsmann both have two manns in their names!?) but it's late and I'm too upset and drunk to make a complex graphic chart right now.

But don't worry. Tomorrow morning I will be flying to Miami and then driving up to Billie Swamp Safari in Clewiston (the home of Stuffed Superman) to do lunch and meet with PUMA organizer and resistance fighter Diane Mantouvalos (code name "Cosmo 3") so we can discuss all of this further and help organize against what ever it is that needs to be organized against. I hope Ms Mantouvalos doesn't fall off her Manolos and fumble around long enough to stand me up because I ponied up 2000 bucks for a pair of hand tooled Black Jack Alligator Boots just for the occasion.

Git yer pink PUMA Party Revolution On!



Friday, June 27, 2008

Staybehinder Lounge (open bar) 

Hi there. I have thoughts on many things. Many, many things. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how ya look at it) I don't have the energy to write any of them thoughts down right now. Which sorta defeats the purpose of blogging... but that's the way it goes. I'm just too tired to type stuff.

Nevertheless, briefly... on the FISA fiasco: Way to be Russ Feingold (D-WI) and Chris Dodd (D-CT). Yooz two guys are Real Americans.

Meanwhile: fuck you Barack "Yes We Can't!" Obama - (D-Capitulation) - you changeling asshole yooo. And that goes for your new sidekick Hillary "chirping crickets" Clinton as well (silence speaks volumes).

And speaking of Yoos: Arrest John "Fuhrer Cult" Yoo... and that Carl Schmitt Neo-Nazi wannabe David Addington tooooo.

open thread


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Staybehinder Lounge - sorrow for friend... 

...and regular co-commenter, Dr. Sardonicus:


Pole Hill
[Wednesday, June 25, 2008]

My wife Peggy, known as Mrs. S. in these parts, passed away in her sleep late this afternoon. She was only 48 years old.

My very deepest sympathies to Dr. S. and his family.


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