Friday, August 12, 2005

Google is bloggered 

Somehow, even through all the outages and that Chinese government thing, I always thought of Google as a different kind of corporation. Another illusion—shattered. A strong draft of UK-grade irony here.

NOTE Or is it blogger is Googled? I always forget.

UPDATE The blogger's curse (back) I cast on Google doesn't—like, so often, blogger itself—seem to be working (or maybe it is, just more slowly than I wanted). Via alert reader Alice Marshall, Google now has a new Vice President: Scott "Sucker MC" McClellan lacky and Caryle Group Associate Dan "I am the Mouth of Bremer" Senor. Yech.

Of course, hiring Senor doesn't tell us anything we don't already know,really. After all, the news page at Google skews right (I use Yahoo now, anyhow) and we long ago noticed that repugnant little marketing scut Biz, in full blogger triumphalism mode during the Superscript Affair, citing Tech Central Station as an exemplar of "swarm intelligence" (should have taken a screen shot, sorry).

Are you ready for the country? Because it's time to go.

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