Sunday, March 13, 2005

A blogger's curse on the marketing weasels at blogger 

Yes, they've got their own blog now: "Buzz".


So next time blogger goes down for a whole day, feel free to share your feelings with them, since of course blogger status is only updated in very unreal time, and the only answer you get from support comes from a bot.

Say, how much you want to bet that when your blog is down, their blog is up? But on the off chance that they are actually using the tools we have to, here are their sites. Put 'em up on the fridge, since of course when blogger goes down again, I won't be able to post:

(via Buzz)

God. "Biz." Breezy little fuckhead. "Good news everyone!" Gag me with a spoon. Billion dollar corporation can't manage a server farm.

May a blogger's curse fall on their heads:

May they be vested, and may their stock tank. In their arrogance, let them have bought a ton of stock on margin using those same options as collateral, and may margin calls fall upon them. May that inane spinning clock plague their dreams. May their content be irretrievably corrupted. May their templates reveal source. May they lose posts. May they double post, nay triple, nay quadruple post. May they gaze at the friggin' dashboard and a spinning cursor until their eyes bleed. May they be plagued in their cubes with boils. May their bimmers be lemons. May their returns be "0%" in all their endeavours to the end of their days.

Because blogger has proven, so very, very amply, that it has no respect for its users whatever, and companies like that deserve the discipline of the marketplace.

Oh yeah, Biz is the one who linked to Tech Central Station as a form of blogger triumphalism. What a whore.

OK, I feel much better now.

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