Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bush just Republican product placement for Armstrong movie? 

Interesting little piece of self-dealing here:

HELLMOUTH, TX - [Armstrong and Bush] were accompanied [on their bike ride] by a small group of staff and
Secret Service agents and a film crew from the Discovery Channel, Armstrong's Tour de France sponsor, which had exclusive media access for the ride. Footage was shot for a program on Armstrong to air this week.
(via AP)

We're already used to the tickets-only Republican Partei rallies where only those who have sworn fealty to Inerrrant Boy are deemed worthy to touch the hem of His garment—but "the President of all the people" granting exclusive access to The Imperial Presence so a potential supporter's made-for-TV movie gets a ratings boost .... Well, that's a new low even for Bush, isn't it? (Does put a stay in the Lincoln bedroom to shame, doesn't it? My goodness, Nedra, where's the outrage?)

Or maybe President Shit Magnet's handlers were worried about the PR disaster that would ensue if Bush fell off His bike during the ride (yet again?). That would be the charitable reading.

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