Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Aaaugh, my B.S.S. is spiking again! 

I'm reading aWol's latest in Idaho:

[BUSH] There are few things in life more difficult than seeing a loved one go off to war.
(via AP)

Vivid imagination these yellow elephants have, yes?

NOTE I don't see any reporting on whether these events were tickets-only, and, if so, who doled out the tickets and who kept the blacklist (back). Not that I'm angry about it.

UPDATE Looks like alert reader Sonoma found out where the radio controls are. Here's what Inerrant Boy said next:

[BUSH CONTINUES] ".. a loved one off to war. My mother (applause) has often spoken, eloquently, of her great trial of the spirit, during my father's tour of duty overseas. It was a combat tour during another war, one that saw our nation's best and bravest assume the burden of selfless duty to God, and liberty, and country.

I sometimes reflect upon the fate of the nameless patriot who assumed my place in a later war, whose cause I so deeply supported. Surely his mother, perhaps even his wife, too, endured the same agonies of the soul as did my mother. Did he live, or die? Was his body torn, his spirit shattered? These questions have, at times, intrigued me for decades. The answers, I know now, will never come. (applause) The only certain knowledge I shall ever possess is the memory of my abject cowardice; of my dereliction of duty during wartime, even in the safe refuge that birth, wealth, and privilege had afforded me.

Yes, I stumbled, but I did not fall. And the moral imperatives conferred upon a sitting president in a time of war is absolute. (applause) The opposition party in congress themselves recognize this absolute fact. By their enduring silence, in the face of the great cause for which I have led the nation to war, my redemption has been effected. In their own hearts, they know this cause to be just. Why else have they forsworn criticizing my actions? Why else has the Democratic party, in congress assembled, unquestioningly supported my initiatives down the line? The answer, I trust, is apparent to all but those who will not see.

I testify before you today that the Lord has sustained me. In all my trials, in my weakness, and in my strength, the Lord has been my shepherd. In turn, I have sustained my people. Blessed be the Lord, our saviour." (applause)

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