Friday, February 04, 2005

MBF Watch: Only Those Who Submit To Dear Leader May Touch The Hem of His Garment 

Bush is still in permanent campaign mode—that would be the campaign to exclude half of America from seeing, hearing, or being near him (back).

Nothing must pop Inerrant Boy's bubble while He's doing shilling for Alpo Accounts!

Not everyone was welcome, apparently, at President Bush's speech in North Dakota yesterday.

The Fargo Forum reported that a city commissioner, a liberal radio producer, a deputy Democratic campaign manager and a number of university professors were among more than 40 area residents who were barred from attending the Bush event. Their names were on a list supplied to workers at two ticket distribution sites.

The White House said the list may have come from volunteers; it did not come from the White House.
(via WaPo)

Faugh. Can't these guys take responsibility for anything? Do you think Bush's advance team is leaving these things to chance? Those "volunteers" are members of Rove's local organization!

And, of course, all Bush has to do is say that He won't exclude any citizen from a Partei rally. Silence speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Hey, I've got an idea! Let's petition Bush for the redress of grievances! Haw.

NOTE The usually not totally unreliable Mike Allen gives Bubble Boy a free pass on this one. Look at this bilge:

... campaign-style appearances ... the mostly partisan crowd ... campaigning, election-style ... At a town hall meeting here that often sounded as much like a late-night comedy show as a policy seminar, Bush repeatedly cracked jokes and teased [read: bullied] attendees ...

Right. We know what "campaign-style" means.... People getting disinvited if they're wearing the "wrong" T-shirt, arrested, dragged away, and jailed, or stomped. And of course, that's after a black list has gotten rid of anyone but the Bush [cough] faithful. No wonder Bush is cracking jokes! Wouldn't you be laughing, too?

You can bring this shameful lack of coverage to the attention of WaPo's reasonably functional ombudsman—functional especially compared to that whiner, Daniel Okrent— here.

C'mon, Mike. Can the hagiography. Worried about being thrown off the bus? If so, get a new job.

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