Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Frogmarch watch: With the Republicans, it's all political 

Here's why Cheney thinks it's OK to tell Powell to go before the UN and sell the American people on war with Iraq when "the facts and the intelligence were fixed around the policy. Writes Derrick Jackson:

According to Vanity Fair, Cheney himself urged Powell to go ahead and stake his national popularity on the nonexistent evidence by saying to Powell, ‘‘Your poll numbers are in the 70s. You can afford to lose a few points.’’
(via Globe)

No question of ethics here. Or of Powell's own personal honor (now so sadly besmirched). All politics, 24/7.

Yes, with the Republicans, it's all politics, back. The Republicans really will say or do anything. They drank the KoolAid, back. No wonder they abuse their power.

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