Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Frogmarch watch: With the Republicans, it's all politics 

Who knew?

And it's definitely not ethics. Let alone defense of the country or upholding the Constituion.

Of course we knew that.

Any party that would talk about "marketing" a war, and then use a war vote to fight (and win) the 2002 midterms, and would then use terror alerts as operant conditioning during the 2004 election (Gaslight watch, back)...

Well, as I say, we knew it. But now we're learning it all over again, except in excruciating, nauseating detail, point by talking point. Listen to how the truth manages to slip from the mouth of this unnamed Republican flak:

The anti-Rove agenda, said one, "is not going to win [the Democrats] a lot of red or even purple states." Said another surrogate, "After holding their collective breath early last week, the GOP is now breathing fire in defense of Rove. If there is no crime, there is only politics. Lay off, Democrats. Plus anytime Moveon.org starts protesting no small number of people say, 'Ah, more crap from the left.' "
(via Useless News and World Distort)

Don't you just love it when Republicans try to help Republicans win—and then beg us to lay off? All together now: A-w-w-w-w!

But savor those words: "If there is no crime, there is only politics." Seems everybody's agreed now that this is how the Republicans operate now. Howard Fineman of Newsweek quotes in CJR:

In the World According to Karl Rove, you take the offensive, and stay there. [E]verything is political -- and everyone is fair game.
(via CJR)

God, it's like we're all back on campus in the '70s, dealing with the Trots. Except the Trots have joined the Republican party and now they're running the country.

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