Sunday, April 24, 2005

Say, do all the wingers wear pointy shoes, or just Mistress Coulter? 

That cover shot ...

shoesAs ever, Mr. P-niss's seemingly casual asides reveal a deep understanding of semiotics: "those black pointed leather shoes" "dominate the picture"

And am I the only one who gets the feeling that's not all they're meant to dominate, know what I mean?

In fact, you could say that Dominance (or, um, Dominionism) is the new governance, just as submission is the new citizenship. Eh?

So, do all wingers wear pointy shoes, or just Mistress Coulter?

Of course, I know they don't wear pointy shoes in public—most of them; La Coulter is here, as else, putting her best foot forward—but how about in private? Is that what Guckert had on Scott "Sucker MC" McCLellan?

Really, though, only Photoshopped photographic evidence would settle the matter. Readers?

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