Saturday, March 19, 2005

Reader contest: A new URL for Corrente, since blogger's killing us 

Alert readers:

As you know, here at Corrente we've worked tirelessly to bring a new civility to American political discourse....

But one of the principles of being civil is not to stay where you're not wanted.

And because the demon spawn good folks at blogger keep not letting us post reliably, clearly we're not wanted here.

So, we have to move on. That means a new URI. And www.corrente.com and www.corrente.net are both taken.

Suggestions for a new URI please!

Decisions by the judges are, of course, entirely dependent on the quantity of mai tais consumed when the names are picked out of the ol' Corrente hat. And there's nothing in it for you other than the happiness that comes from doing good deeds in a naughty world.

That said, have at it!

NOTE OK, the demotic "URL" not the technically accurate "URI".

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