Friday, March 25, 2005

Ominous Warnings From The Moon 

Internationally renowned crazy person and self declared true-daddy of mankind, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has apparently worked his messianic true-self into something of a true-lather over disclosure of his potential plans to auction off the Wash Times. Via John Gorenfeld:
Apparently alarmed that Rev. Moon's threat to sell the Washington Times appeared on this blog [http://www.iapprovethismessiah.com/], Jenkins, Esq., is now prefacing Moon speeches with this disclaimer:

THIS MESSAGE IS CONFIDENTIAL AND INTENDED ONLY FOR THE USE OF THE INDIVIDUAL TO WHICH IT IS ADDRESSED ANY DISCLOSURE TO OR USE BY ANYONE ELSE IS PROHIBITED. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution,forwarding, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited.


Kinda coincidental too since only earlier today the True P-Niss threatened to lower the boom at the Washington Chestnut unless everyone got right with the program. Heh, well, small world as they say.

Meanwhile, appears to be some kind of cosmic regal affair slated for 2012:
There remains the final 8-year course from now until the year 2012 and the kingship of the physical and spiritual world.

Perhaps the True P-Niss will finally be intiated into the Great Hall of Love Organs! Anyway, you can find out more about this stuff mentioned above by going right here: Preacher clamps down on leaks after Moon threatens sale of Times.


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