Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Is The SCLM Even More Brazenly Rotten Than It Was? 

Call me naive, but is not this story something truly special in the annals of our broken free press?

A Boston Globe reporter posts numerous anti-Kerry screeds all over the blogisphere, and that's supposed to be all right?

Media Matters For America has the story. Read it with wonderment, and then weep, and then get good and mad, then use that anger to fuel taking some kind of positive action; here are three options: that damned, rotten, bankruptcy bill, or on Anwar, or in opposition to those re-submitted judges, (scroll down).

And speaking of Anwar, A.H at Althippo has posted a wonderful series on Anwar, complete with an inspiring picture of what we're in danger of losing. This is first-rate blogging, done with style and wit. You can start here, with some choice Hippo thoughts about Gale Norton., and then scroll upwards, or click here to go direct to the first Anwar post, complete with picture, then proceed to this related discussion, wherein The Hippo argues with The Moose, and beautifully quotes Teddy Roosevelt, and then to "The Elephants Of Anwar: An Introduction," and then, you know what, why don't you just keep scrolling upwards: The Hippo is well worth your attention, and not only about Anwar.

GET MAD AND GET EVEN! Keep reading blogs, and get inspired to do something.

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