Tuesday, March 01, 2005


What makes the "moderate," "centrist," [cough] "responsible" [for what, except sending their own party down the tubes] Dems think they can deal with the Republicans? Remember Max Cleland?

So what do the Beltway Dems do on the latest piece of Republican viciousness, the bankruptcy bill? (RDF) The bill that treats the credit card debt of a shopaholic and the hospital debt of someone with a catastrophic illness exactly the same? The one that makes people who live on a paycheck go the way of the buffalo?

They try to tinker round the edges! They try to make it little better!

But as they say in the Navy: You can't buff a turd!

Here's an idea! Instead of buffing the turd, why don't the Dems just say it's a turd? Why not oppose?

It's like the Dems are still trying to triangulate—but since the Republicans control all three points that make the triangle, their efforts are futile and ridiculous.

C'mon, Beltway Dems! Oppose! The truth will make you free!

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