Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Spinal Tap? 

The Associated Press tells us the bad news. The Dem spine is in meltdown again, as they cave to fatcats, credit card moguls and banks:

WASHINGTON - Senate Democrats on Tuesday offered a plan they said would shield military personnel from some proposed changes in bankruptcy laws that would make it harder to shed debts.

With supporters predicting victory soon after nearly eight years of congressional gridlock, the bill would raise the threshold for erasing credit card and other consumer debts in bankruptcy court by setting a new income test for applicants.

I'm sure they'll be raising the threshold for corporations to go bankrupt real soon, too. Not. Raise holy hell now, please, with your congresscritters. Shield ALL of us from these greedy bastards, not just military poor.

Corporations are doing to the working poor what was done to the buffalo (see farmer's excellent post below). And the Dems are caving on the last resort, bankruptcy. Fuckers. I wonder how many of them have had to go bankrupt behind a loss of job and no health insurance and so forth. If they let this one pass, I hope some find out. But, no--they have golden parachutes, I forgot.


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