Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday Foto Funnies: America declared an irony free zone 

From CNN's coverage of the Iraq elections:

Triumph of will, eh? Or, in the original German, "Triumph des Willens". For those of you not quite what living in an irony free zone might imply, the Amazon page offers some detail:
Product Details
  • Starring: Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, See more
  • Director: Leni Riefenstahl
  • Encoding: All Regions
  • Format: Black & White, Widescreen
  • Audio Encoding: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
  • Rated: NR

Encoding, "All regions"... No kidding... "Black and white"... No kidding....

You know, I've been flogging the "Triumph of the W" meme for some time: here (2004-11-05), here (2004-10-27), here (2004-10-18), here (2004-10-16), and here (2004-01-10), with some actual analysis by the inimitable farmer here.

But I never really expected to see this meme make the mainstream. But it has. It just shows that in America, if you work hard enough, your dreams will come true!

Except those dreams will come true in a nightmare, won't they? "Triumph of the Will" propagates in 2005, applied to Bush, but without irony, or historical context. Probably some young pup of a staffer at CNN....

I mean, it's not even "defining deviancy down," it's "defining deviancy über"... Or something...

UPDATE Alert reader degustibus is quite right: "Defining deviancy über..." Nice.

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