Saturday, October 16, 2004

MBF watch: Oregon schoolteachers with tickets threatened with arrest at Partei rally 

Nothing must pop Inerrant Boy's bubble:

Three Medford school teachers were threatened with arrest and escorted from the [rally] after they showed up wearing T-shirts with the slogan "Protect our civil liberties." All three said they applied for and received valid tickets from Republican headquarters in Medford.

The women said they did not intend to protest. "I wanted to see if I would be able to make a statement that I feel is important, but not offensive, in a rally for my president," said Janet Voorhies, 48, a teacher in training.

“We chose this phrase specifically because we didn't think it would be offensive or degrading or obscene," said Tania Tong, 34, a special education teacher.

Thursday’s actions in Oregon set a new standard even for Bush/Cheney – removing and threatening with arrest citizens who in no way disrupt an event and wear clothing that expresses non-disruptive party-neutral viewpoints such as “Protect Our Civil Liberties.”

When Vice President Dick Cheney visited Eugene, Oregon on Sept. 17, a 54-Year old woman named Perry Patterson was charged with criminal trespass for blurting the word "No" when Cheney said that George W. Bush has made the world safer.
(via The Bend (Oregon) Bugle)

"Un-American" is exactly the word for this.

You know, it would be really great if, when the so-in-the-tank SCLM prints all those "Triumph of the W"-photos—always shot upward at Bush, and emphasizing the hands stretched out to Him—the caption would say that only people who signed a loyalty oath to Bush were admitted to his rallies.

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