Sunday, February 13, 2005

MBF Watch: The only thing we have to hate is fear itself 

How soon before "the haters" become "the enemy within"?

I'd give the boys and girls in and behind the Whited Sepulchre House oh, say, a year at the very outside to work this noxious little meme into the mainstream; after all, they'll need it for the mid-terms, whether Whack is down the tubes by then or not. Inerrant Boy before the usual cheering crowd of Those Who Have Sworn Fealty:

[BUSH] Let me tell you some of the lessons I learned as your President, some
of the lessons I learned about September the 11th. Lesson one is that we face an enemy that's cold-blooded, and they are haters. They believe in an ideology of hate. They -- they -- they stand for the exact opposite we stand for in America.
(via White House transcript)

Well, and who would those haters be? Could they possibly be.... Bush's opposition? Could it possibly be that Bush's opposition and the Iraqi insurgents and the terrorists are the same enemy? Of course not. They would never do that. But, oh wait... They already are...

The first signs of change came from the Howard Dean campaign. His campaign manager, Joe Trippi, used the Internet and meetup.com and moveon.org to identify and bring together Bush haters from all over the country and raise far more money than anyone expected.
(Michael Barone Useless news

(It's so typical to the totalizing winger approach to politics that they want to control everything—they even want to mindfuck their opposition by reaching into our minds and deking us into giving our own emotions the wrong name.)

For the record: The emotion that fuels us is not hate ("Top 10 reasons not to hate George Bush), but outrage (back).

But let me remind the Winger Noise Machine of the old saying, so well-remembered by genuine Christians: Hate the sin, not the sinner.

What are the sins I hate?

I hate being lied to. I hate it when lies lead us into a war. I hate the very idea of destroying the Constitution. I hate even more when I see it happening before my eyes. I hate the idea of living in a country without law. I hate even more when I see the rule of law torn up to justify torture and shield torturers from justice. And I hate it when the men who tear the law up and enable torture teach their doctrines in our schools and become Attorney General. I hate it when children don't take care of their aging parents. And I hate it even more when winger idelogoues tell children that abandoning parents is good and right.

And you know what I hate most? I hate the fear. I hate the fear of being arrested if I wear the wrong T-shirt. I hate the fear that I'll lose my job if I vote for the wrong guy. I hate the fear that comes when thugs beat up women, and the President looks on, and by saying nothing says its OK. I hate the fear that the government isn't legitimate because it keeps stealing elections. I hate the fear of the camps. And I hate the fear that we're going to lose a city to a loose nuke.

Fear itself. Above all, I hate the fear.

If this be hate, let us make the most of it.

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