Monday, February 28, 2005

Gaslight watch: Department of Changing The Subject Swings into Action! 

Bush's Department of Changing The Subject is working late and sending out for pizza! Just like Krugman warned us would happen ("Wag the Dog: Bush Right on Schedule" (back))

First, Bush tried that assassination ploy (ibid., back), but it didn't work—somebody figured out that since the presumed accused had doubtless been tortured by the Saudis, so his testimony would be worthless. Boy, did that one drop from sight fast!

So now, we have another extremely non-political terror alert:

A classified bulletin has been sent by the Department of Homeland Security...

Gee, I thought revealing classified information was a big problem for Bush. How wrong can I be?!

... to state homeland security advisers and others regarding "credible but non-specific threat information" that "reiterates the desire by al Qaeda to target the heimathomeland," officials said.

Credible as a Dick "Dick" Cheney heart attack, baby!

The officials stressed that there is nothing in the information to indicate when, where or how an attack might be carried out.

Wow! No specifics?! No actionable intelligence? What would Condi say? Yet Bush released it anyhow... I wonder why?

One official described it as "vague." Others said it was a "reaffirmation" of al Qaeda's goal of hitting the United States.

According to two officials, the information was picked up recently from an intercepted communication that was believed to have been between al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who is spearheading the insurgency in Iraq.
(via CNN)

Um, when we revealed that we'd intercepted OBL's satellite phone, he stopped using it, right? So could it possibly matter that now both OBL and al-Zarqawi know we're intercepting their communications?

Of course not! That's because The Department of Changing The Subject has supreme authority over all matters of natural security!

Remember when Bush blew another agent's identity in the gaslighting episode just before the Republican National Convention? (here, here, here, and here.)

Nobody turned a hair! It was OK then, so it's OK now!

Intelligence sources and methods? When The Department of Changing The Subject swings into action, Katy bar the door!

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