Saturday, August 07, 2004

Gaslight watch: World's greatest newspaper (not!) helps Inerrant Boy cover his narrow ass 

After a whole bunch of foofraw about a plot to disrupt the 2004 elections—I mean, more than the ongoing Republican effort to perpetrate fraud like Florida 2000 on a national scale (back) would disrupt the election—buried in the next to the last paragraph of the story we read this:

American officials contacted on Saturday would not confirm that Mr. Khan was a mole or double agent and said that his arrest had led to intelligence gains of enormous value in uncovering the surveillance operation in the United States.
(via the Pulitzer-light, supinely written, flaccidly edited, and sadly irrelevant Times)

Well, no. They wouldn't, would they? Despite reporting from a real newsgathering organization, Reuters (back) that this is exactly what they did.

Will the Times become a serious newsgathering organization in time to save itself?

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