Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bush's troubling symptoms: "I'm the president of everybody" 

Well, not everybody. I mean, not the whole world, right? Anyhow:

"[BUSH] I did my best to reach out, and I will continue to do so as the president," Bush said. "It's important for people to know that I'm the president of everybody."
(from a whole half hour interview (!) reported in WaPo)

Well. I seem to remember that Bush campaigned in a bubble, where campaign rallies were open only to people who signed a loyalty oath to Bush (back) and any visible form of dissent was instantly suppressed (back), sometimes violently, with Bush's direct complicity (here).

How does that square with being "reaching out"? How does that square with being "President of everybody"?

So I'm torn. Is this statement from Bush Pathological lying, or a Grandiose sense of self-worth? These are just two of the troubling symptoms Bush has exhibited that match the DSM criteria for sociopaths (back).

Readers, which troubling symptom it? One, both, or neither?

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