Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Alpo Accounts: Partei, Bush to organize rallies in favor after the SOTU 

Let's not say "privatepersonal accounts"—Let's say Alpo Accounts! And Bush is going to hit the road in favor of them.

Following the example—readers, I'm not making this up—of none other than The Mighty Clenis™:

Right after my State of the Union, I think I'm going to four or five states to continue to address this issue. You know, I can remember President Clinton doing the same thing on Social Security.
(via White House transcript)

Um, at these rallies, will the [cough] President of all the people (back) continue His practice of requiring citizens to sign a loyalty oath (back) before entering The Presence?

NOTE A tip of the ol' Corrente hat to RDF for "Alpo Accounts"!

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