Saturday, August 20, 2005

Department of Vile Rumors 

Here at Corrente, we work tirelessly to bring the next level of civility to American political discourse, so I just have to say that it's highly unlikely that Republican Senator Rick Santorum has had, is having, or is in quest to have, any form of sex with trisexual Republican Senator Sam Brownback (back). We just don't believe the rumors—any more than we believe that Bush fucks goats.

But—just as in the evolution vs. I(diot's) D(elight) controversy—don't all Americans deserve to know what the debate is about"? Heck, it's a "pluralistic society" (except for gays and non-fundamentalist Christians (as if there were any such thing))....

Of course, a simple denial from either Senator would do wonders to defuse the controversy....

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