Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Body Where Mouth Is 

Piggybacking on Riggsveda below:

Tonight, I'm a-vigilling as well.

Although, I linked to this already, as happens on group blogs, the post, (which contained other wonderful links and can be found here) rolled away too soon, so, for inspiration, please do not miss what the Heretik hath wrought to honor Cindy Sheehan.

The Heretik, intrepid communitarian that he is, has provided a fine enlargement, with instructions for downloading; just click here, and imagine how, with the right printer and a little ingenuity, you might find a way to use this image if you, too, are a-vigilling tonight.

A link I failed to make in my original post, is to a fine piece, "Radical Grief," on Mrs. Sheehan and the meaning of politics in a democratic republic by Michael at Reading A1; in it, all kinds of deserving fools get their comeuppence, don't miss it. This followup "Political Theatre," is pretty damned good, too.

Finally, at the risk of pushing something too hard, just because I liked it a whole lot, if you missed Farmer's "The Crawford Diaries," here's a second chance.

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