Monday, August 15, 2005

There And Back Again, Again 

Run, do not walk, run, I tell you, to view what the Heretik hath wrought. I will say no more; never has a post spoken more eloquently on behalf of its subject.

May we also point you to a Corrente exclusive, "The Crawford Diaries," brought to us through the good auspices of the farmer, in what we hope might become the first of a series.

Turning to the issue of NARAL's misbegotten ad on the potential Supreme Court Justiceship of John Roberts, Mark Kleiman, who had offered a brave and brilliant defense of the ad's content, offers an equally interesting parry in response to the original post by, Jim Lingren, one of the conpirators at the Volokh site, who asks why, since Justices Breyer and Ginsburg had come down on the side of Operation Rescue in a different decision, would it not be fair to say about them what NARAL tried to say about Judge Roberts? Professor Kleiman explains why not here.

Atrios already linked to this "Crooked Timber" post once, but the comments thread has lengthened, and Ted Barlow's original post, which provoked a response from Eugene Volokh, to which "Henry" response, spun off this not to be missed thread are equally as worthy.

Check out this delicious morsel, a memo from "Lucianne" to "Hugh" re Cindy-you-know-who, which Ted claims a little bird spirited into his mail box; he reports, you decide. You'll be glad you did.

And finally, the "Bad Magician" has made an appearance under a certain tree in Texas and sometime commentator, and now full-blown blogger, MJS was there to catch the action; if you missed the result in our comments section last week, or the link provided at Jesus' General, here's your second chance; don't pass it up, and while you're there , look around at all the other interested stuff MJS has going on there.

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