Friday, June 10, 2005

The Corrente Writer Formerly Known as farmer 

The traditionally heroic Corrente writer formerly known as farmer has been reading too much—or just enough—Lynn Cheney, and now insists (back) on being addressed as "the lesbian cowboy."

So, in honor of TCWFKf's, um, emergence, I'd like to reprint the following lines from Gertrude Stein's great poem, Lifting Belly (A tip of the Ol' Corrente Hat to, yet again, The New Yorker. Janet Malcolm's terrific, revelatory article on Gertrude Stein is not online, so reward good behavior at your local newsstand.)

But herewith:

Lifting belly what is earnest. Expecting an arena to be monumental.
Lifting belly is recognized to be the only spectacle present. Do you mean that.
Lifting belly is a language. It says island. Island a strata. Lifting belly is a repetition.

I want to tell about fire. Fire is that which we have when we have olive. Olive is a wood. We like linen. Linen is ordered. We are going to order linen.
All belly belly well.
Bed of coals made out of wood.
I think this one may be an expression. We can understand heating and burning composition. Heating with wood.

I say that I need protection.
You shall have it.
After that what do you wish.
I want you to mean a great deal to me.
And then.
And then blandishment.
(via Tyke O'Brien dissertation)

But does this mean no more Mr. P-Niss blogging?

NOTE I can't find the full text online. Alert readers?

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