Thursday, April 28, 2005

James Dobson: Puppy Beating Anti-Christ! 

BEAST WATCH: Verbal war escalates between Salazar, Focus, (On The Family):
In a statement today, Salazar said he has been relentlessly and unfairly attacked by the Colorado Springs group and that "I meant to say this approach was un-Christian, meaning self-serving and selfish."

Oh fuck-it Ken, stop groveling or worrying about what those cowering baah-lamb lightweights at CNN etc...have to say! Call em' PUPPY BEATERS! Call em' what they are.

In response to this previous post of mine: James Dobson's Sadistic Spawn, commenter Lilybelle writes:
I do recollect, when Dobson first burst into my purview, that he wrote proudly about disciplining his unruly, 12 lb. Dachshund by beating it into submission. I wonder how he raised his kids? What was their childhood like? Maybe he wrote about that, too. comment here

Yes Lilybelle, I remember the PUPPY BEATER Dobson's sadistic encouter with his dog too. So, as a reminder, [looking back] Digby excerpts PUPPY BEATER Dobson's fond sadistic recollections of the entire matter here: Raising The Future Fascists Of America, Saturday, December 18, 2004. Go read that while...

I pray that little Siggie, one sunny shimmering fluffy-cloud Colorado afternoon, will rise up and take it upon himself to sink his God given fangs into Dominion Master Jim-Dob's sagging nutsack, shake vigorously, and ultimately bury the impotent screeching old bag beneath a thorny shrub for all eternity. Rock on Siggie! I can pray too, can thy not?

Dear God, please give little Siggie the incisor strenght to defeat the screeching Dobson, the PUPPY BEATING ANTI-CHRIST. Amen. God afterall is just Dog spelled backwards. Again, as I emphasized earlier, Amen.

Some more stuff to read: Jack Hitt, writing in the LA Times:
How quickly it has all happened -- that the media, particularly television, has convinced itself that Christianity is little more than a Republican political action committee. When the pope died, CNN's Wolf Blitzer introduced former Clinton aide Paul Begala and right-wing pundit Robert Novak this way: "Bob is a good Catholic; I'm not so sure about Paul Begala." At the bottom of the screen, CNN ran an informative factoid for the audience: "Many Catholic doctrines are conservative."

Broadcast media prefer to cast Christianity in the role of "right-wing values PAC" because it's so neat and tidy. They don't much like even to say the name Jesus on air because then we might have to talk about his ideas. ~ See: Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist, April 26, 2005.

And..., Sydney H. Schanberg via the Village Voice, "TV Blesses the New Pope - Beatification begins for Benedict as soon as the cameras start to roll" - April 26th, 2005:
Television exists these days on showbiz hoopla and raw feelings—people weeping, people cheering, people wrapped in blankets outside their burning house. And of course "reality" shows—people competing to eat the most live maggots. Good newspapers and news websites also like drama, but not at the expense of other information important to the honest telling of a story—they do both. In the extravaganza at Vatican City, television news organizations swept nearly all the critiques of the popular John Paul II—born Karol Wojtyla in a town near Krakow, Poland, who died on April 2 at age 84—and of his successor, Joseph Ratzinger, from the Bavarian region of Germany, under the ecclesiastical rug.

Get 'im Siggie! Git 'im! Do not go easily into that iron cage!


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