Monday, April 25, 2005

James Dobson's sadistic spawn 

What does a former television sitcom buffoon and a sadistic ogerhunch like James Dobson have to do with this kind of thing here:
On the floor sat a 10-year-old boy, his ankles bound by plastic wire, his hands tied behind his back. The wires on his feet attached to the lid of a garbage can, weighted down with boxes.


Bonney Lake police said Rachel Lambert claimed the children's behavior had gotten progressively worse over the past month and that she disciplined the children by feeding them jalapeno peppers, the documents indicated.

The 10-year-old boy said "he had a hot pepper placed in his mouth and then had his mouth taped shut," the documents indicated. He told police "he swallowed the pepper so it would not be in his mouth anymore."

John archy McKay notes: "Recently, a spin-off of Dobson's movement has appeared that calls itself "Creative Correction." [...] The current guru of the movement, Lisa Whelchel, hasn't gone that far yet, but she's certainly on that road."
The hot pepper technique's current popularity is due in part to Whelchel, a former Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer and actress who played the character Blair on the television series "The Facts of Life" in the 1980s.

Now, to be fair, in the spirit of "Creative Correction" ("creative destruction"), I can think of a few choice techniques that might make an impression on sociopathic hucksters like Whelchel and/or Dobson, or any number of other miserable goose-stepping imbeciles they may have spawned. Validate a few "facts of life" for em if ya know what I mean. But, well, nevermind that...

Go read JM's entire post: Tough love and peppers.

Remembering that Dobson and his sneering elitist think tank ilk are the same haughty child beating broddlers who are forever whining about being pilloried and persecuted for their so called "Christian" beliefs. Endlessly boo-hooing and bellyaching about all the abuse they are forced to endure, bound and gagged, while kneeling at the cruel boot of "activist" judges and mean horsewhip brandishing liberals flogging the gentle pilgrims like so many helpless orphans lost in the wilderness,... etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Yeah sure. Cry me a river.


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