Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hippie New Year 

New Year’s resolutions are worthless, natch. But I was meditating on what changes I should make in 2005 anyway, and realized that there was absolutely nothing to change personally since my obnoxious habits are far too ingrained for redemption. The best I can do in a world being consumed by greed and fear is work on being more generous and compassionate, and I did resolve to brush my teeth more often. But there are perhaps a few external things I could work on…

1. Get the Preznit and his cabinet and advisors into (very) long-term treatment. (NOTE: Must break through denial first. Perhaps a group intervention? Contact APA.)

2. Keep organizing on the local level so that when the meltdown occurs this year there’ll be good candidates and grassroots GOTV efforts in midterm elections for 06. Get noisier in local media and at meetings.

3. Remember that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock currently stands at seven minutes till midnight (exactly where it stood when it first started ticking in 1947) and resolve to get it back to at least fifteen till (see #1).

4. Make this MLK Day one to remember—it’s the anti-coronation.

5. Ask Reps. Conyers and Waxman, et. al. to share spines of steel with colleagues.

6. Buy absolutely as little as possible from corporate swine. Vote with wallet. Make or grow our own more often.

7. Paint the shed out by the road. Maybe a picture of Che Guevara? Emma Goldmann? MLK w/ We Shall Overcome? Sabocat?

8. Renew ACLU, public radio and IWW memberships promptly.

And dang, I know I’m forgetting something…

Hope all Correntians stay strong in 2005!

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