Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Congratulations Massachusetts, Enjoy Your New Overton Window Salesman! 

And don't forget to thank Jane Hamsher and her Firedog Lake HCR Kill The Bill fail-tards for their tireless disinformation and negative messaging campaign effort on behalf of scuttling the HCR bill. Without Jane and friends young Scotty might never have sold his own tea-soaked kill the bill message as easily and effectively and with as much vigorous bipartisan support from both wingnut teabaggers and sneering cynical bitterender true progressives and independents. And no matter what you might think of Scott Brown and his curling-iron dildo salesman buddies... It's still all just a glorious win-win for the Cenk Doctrine purity pony! Oh sure, sure it is. Keep telling yourself that true progressives. Keep telling yourselves that when you wake up in the morning and peer out of your Overton Window at a brand new brick wall.

Thanks, Jane!


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