Sunday, November 08, 2009

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Frozen Moose Twitters: Sarah Palin upset by U.S. Deptartment of Treasury plan to mint new Levi Johnston $1 coin.

(when will John McCain apologize to the American people?)


Red Hot Speed Demons - Orly on wheels: Taitz ticketed (on Oct 12, 2009) for driving in excess of 100 mph (no doubt while fleeing from character assasins, claim jumpers, Kenyan ivory poachers and Chicago Machine Usurper Agents brandishing butterfly nets. See: Mustang Orly / case summary (scribd).

UPDATE: NOV 11, 2009

Moldovian COLB Nuts - Million Birther March: throngs of demonstrators join Orly Taitz in NYC to protest FOXNoise blabbermouth Bill O'Reilly. See !!! PHOTO !!!.

Oh, sorry, wrong photo. Try here: actual photos of Orly leading massive protest in front of FOX News in NYC (current estimates of crowd size vary and may include the entire commuter population count of midtown Manhattan.)


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