Thursday, October 01, 2009

Random selection 

Great moments in privatization. Stop in the name of the law-like enterprise:
American Police Force (disguised as an actual police department) rolls into Montana town (TPM)

and (gosh, jeepers, who woulda' thunk it)...
"American Police Force" leader has long greasy criminal record (TPM)

Common Loon-state bunko artist Michelle Bachmann...
hustles some more boo-scare fiction. (TPM)

Stupidity Street:
video of Orly Taitz in a Big Bird costume (TPM)

Conratulation, you have win very important sexy-prize!:
Give it to me good; Newt Gingrich honors the porn industry. (Daily Kos)

Rob Boston sums up the Values Voter Summit:
...Wing-Nut Christian Right Plots Its Comeback (Alternet)

PFAW does the same. Angry Right-Wing windup toys...
vow to take back America (PFAW/Right Wing Watch)


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