Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Dog Pocket Poodles For Sale! 

< My name is Max. I want to be managed cares best friend. Take me home to your favorite private health care lobbyist or big health insurance company public relations bureaucrat.

Fully trained to sit and stand and bark and fetch (arf arf!) on command. Will eat own turds. Retrieve approved talking points. Guard against public option. Lick the hand that feeds it. Sit obiediently in private care master's lap or hump the leg of favorite stall tactic!

Blue Dog Pocket Poodle veterinary care is fully covered by the best comprehensive government plan available so your Blue Dog Pocket Poodle will never be denied the best health care available.

Blue Dog Pocket Poodle comes with fully adjustable muzzle, leash, and collar, and is fully groomed for campaign fundraising events. Will fit in the back pocket of even the most demanding private "health care" industry corporate shill.

How much is that doggie in the window (arf arf!)...


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