Saturday, April 11, 2009

Teabagger turkey call 

I don't think the Teabagger party clucks realize that the Boston Tea Party of 1773 was mostly a reaction against the repeal of taxes and not a protest of higher taxes. The British Tea Act of 1773 allowed the East India Company to export cheap tea (duty free) to the colonies thereby undercutting the colonial tea merchants. It was an attempt by the British East India Company to dump surplus tea in the colonies and put the domestic colonial traders and smugglers of Dutch tea out of business therefore allowing the east India Company to monopolize the tea trade to the colonies.

It was also an opportunity to dress up like an Indian and go down to Faneuil Hall to drink a lot of Sam Adams beer. Which was a good deal in December in Boston in 1773 since it would be another 127 years and four months before the Boston Red Sox seasonal home opener against the Philadelphia Athletics got underway (Red Sox won 12-4).


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