Sunday, March 08, 2009

Signs of Spring 

Ok, this is very exciting. First of all, yesterday, when i came home from the grocery store (where i went to buy some ice and beer and artificle imitation crab meat) the trees behind the house where i live (or supposedly live, depending on what your idea of livin' is) were filled with blackbirds (or whatever they are). And now, right now, OMG! as i write this at 3:45 am, the raccoon is under the bird feeder. Yes, the raccoon, the very same raccoon that arrives every Spring to usher in the Spring! The ancient raccoon of Spring has arrived. On the very day I'm supposed to monkey with my clock hand. I feel like fainting.

Not that I don't monkey with my clock hand - or hand clock my monkey (or whatever ya want to call it) until I feel like fainting every other chance I get anyway... because that kind of monkey bizness is monkey bizness for all seasons. Etc.

But right now, I feel like running outside and hugging the raccoon of Spring. Even if it has rabies. Because I don't even care if it has rabies or not. Rabies schmabies I say.

I'll be right back....

Oh yeah, still out there. Big fucking fuzzy grey raccoon of Spring (seems perfectly healthy to me.)

Every year the raccoon shows up in Spring and hangs out under the bird feeder. It never sticks around long, and i suppose it wanders off to the pond about a quarter mile away during the late spring, although i have no evidence of that - it might actually ascend to some warehouse where portensous signs and presages come from... who the hell knows... i don't care. The raccoon of Spring is here. And that's good enough for me. Of course, artificial crab meat is good enough for me too. So I'm easily impressed. Nevertheless:

Spring is sprung.

DRAMATIC UPDATE: 4:30 am. There are now two (2) raccoons of Spring under the bird feeder. Flash flooding can't be too far behind.


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