Friday, February 06, 2009

Canker Sore Starburst Memories 

Governor Also of Starburst Alaska is back and has apparently revealed that she is some kind of freakish amino acid lip balm junkie which I'm sure will send a tingle up Rich Lowry's easily aroused couch leg (because there is nothing more exciting than a 50 year old woman with a face full of canker sores and a freezer full of moose chili):

[Carmex] This stuff is probably the strongest lip balm around... with a rush that rivals crack cocaine when you first apply it.
I believe it is the comedian Paula Poundstone who has a routine about Carmex addicts. She jokes that there is a secret wing at the Betty Ford Clinic for such people, and that they roam the halls begging for "just one little dip" of their finger into a pot.

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Apparently Governor Palin's dried up canker sore ravaged flute sucking celebrity lips (no wonder the First Dood was always hopping into the saddle of his snow machine and fleeing across the frozen Yukon with Greta Van Susteren riding cuddle-seat) are sore about everything from sneaky faceless bloggers to the know-nothing Neiman Marcus makeover cowboys who managed John McCain's Oblivion Express.

And she doesn't like Ashley Judd neither, too, also: Wildlife group, Ashley Judd take aim at Gov. Palin

Why does Gov. Petro-State-Canker-Sore-Starburst and Moose Protein Palin ("just one little dip") keep infiltrating the hated lower 48 when she should be back home on her $500,000 Lake Lucille porch in 'Laska cooking Carmex over a candle and keeping an eye on Vladimir Putin and North Korean missle launches and her own daughter's soon to be mother in law's home spun entrepreneurial methamphetamine distribution support network?

Why? And why does Governor Palin hate NASCAR and IndyCar champions?


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